How To Activate Doordash Red Card

Doordash drivers pickup and deliver food from restaurants using the Doordash app. However, they do not use their own money to pay for deliveries. Instead, they use something called a  Dasher Red Card.

So, how do you activate a Doordash Red Card? Here are the steps to activate a Doordash Red Card:

  • First, log into your Doordash account online and go to the “Account” page.
  • Once on the Account page, enter in your Delight number as well as the last 4 digits of your card number.
  • After entering this information and double-checking that it is entered in correctly, apply by clicking “Save”.
  • Your card should now be activated for use!

The rest of this article will focus on some common issues that may come up when using the Doordash Red Card along with how to get your Red Card. 

What If I Can’t Activate My Doordash Red Card?

There have been reports of drivers not being able to properly set up their Doordash Red Card. According to Doordash, this usually occurs for the following reasons:

  • You are using an old version of the Doordash.
    • Try updating or reinstalling the Doordash app.
  • Doordash has not yet activated your account for delivery.
    • Just wait a few days and this should resolve it itself. 

Your Doordash Red Card should work when you receive it. If it does not work, then making it work usually involves waiting a few days for your account to become active. 

How to Get a Doordash Red Card?

You will receive a Red Card during your Doordash orientation. If you did not have an orientation, then the Red Card should be in the Welcome Kit that Doordash sends to all new drivers. 

What if I Lose My Doordash Red Card?

If your Doordash Red Card gets lost or stolen, then you can replace it free of charge. You just go to the Red Card tab on the account menu in the Doordash app and order a new card. 

Doordash will send the Red Card to you for free via the mail. It’s also possible to order a backup Red Card for free, which is convenient in case you lose your card. 

Do I Use My Doordash Red Card on All Orders?

No, you do not use your Doordash Red Card on all orders. The Doordash Red Card is only used at restaurants that do not have a direct deposit arrangement with Doordash. The card allows Doordash drivers to place orders at these restaurants. 

The app will tell you when you need to use your Red Card before you accept the order. 

With that said, a lot of Doordash drivers avoid making orders at restaurants that require a Red Card because the restaurant does not start preparing the order until the driver places it at the restaurant. This means these deliveries often take more time to complete.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, activating a Doordash Red Card is a very easy, straightforward process that should take no more than a few minutes. You do need an active Red Card in order to drive for Doordash, but you can not accept any orders from non-partner restaurants if you do not have a Red Card.

It’s strongly recommended to use a Doordash Red Card because it does allow you to make more deliveries.