Is There Doordash in Dubai?

Dubai is known for being one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, and a great number of tourists come here for a holiday. If you are currently in Dubai, planning to stay in and order some food, you may be wondering – Is there Doordash in Dubai? This article will share with you some of the most important information you should know about whether this type of food delivery is available in Dubai and the UAE in general.

Panoramic view of Dubai in UAE

DoorDash food delivery service is not available in Dubai. As a matter of fact, DoorDash is not operating in the UAE in general, and you are not able to use their services in some of these countries. However, if you wish to order some food in Dubai, there are still other delivery services you can consider, such as Talabat, Careem Now, and EatEasy.

DoorDash Food Delivery Is Still Not Available in Dubai

Doordash is a food delivery business based in the USA. However, in the past few years, it has been growing immensely and spreading to other continents of the world. Since this sole proprietorship is slowly becoming a worldwide company, many people are wondering whether it is available in the UAE, specifically in Dubai.

If you are wondering whether you can use your DoorDash app in Dubai, I am sorry to say that such a thing is, unfortunately, not possible. DoorDash is not available in Dubai, nor any place in the UAE, so using the app there won’t be possible.

Which Countries Outside the USA Use Doordash Food Delivery Services?

You may have already heard the news that certain countries outside the US can use the DoorDash app for food delivery. Even though UAE and Dubai are not among those places, you might still be interested in knowing which ones are. DooDash offers its services in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, India, and Japan.

All of these countries offer DoorDash food delivery services and also employment opportunities for people willing to earn money through dashing. Since DoorDash is slowly but surely building its platform across the world, there is no reason why it might not spread its business to the UAE as well.

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Middle Eastern Cuisine Is Quite Popular on the DoorDash App

Although DoorDash did not bring its app to the Middle East, it did bring the Middle East to its app. Middle Eastern Cuisine is quite popular on the DoorDash app in the USA, and there are numerous restaurants in American states and cities offering traditional Arabic and Middle Eastern food. Some of the most popular Middle Eastern restaurants on the Doordash app are

  • The Halal Guys and Au Za’atar in New York City,
  • Naab Mediterranean in Los Angeles,
  • Zam Zam Middle Eastern Grill in Chicago,
  • The Afghan Village in Houston,
  • Aya Kitchen and Sahara Grill in Philadelphia
  • Princess Mediterranean Market & Deli in Phoenix,
  • Amir Express in Jacksonville,
  • Lavash in Columbus,
  • Sahara Gyros and wings in Indianapolis.

Dubai Has Its Own Popular Food Delivery Apps You Can Try Out

Just because Dubai doesn’t have DoorDash doesn’t mean you can not try out some other food delivery services popular in their country. There are many different delivery service apps in Dubai you can use when you feel like ordering some delicious meals and staying at home. If you are not sure which apps to use, consider using the most popular ones.

What Are the Most Popular Apps for Food Delivery in Dubai?

Whether you are craving traditional Middle Eastern food or some other international dishes, food delivery apps in Dubai will easily bring delicious food to you. There are plenty of available apps in the UAE and Dubai. However, some are simply more popular than others. If you are not sure which food delivery app to use while in Dubai, check out the table below and see which one seems the most optimal for you.

Name of the food delivery appUseful information about the app
Careem Now●      Offers amazing discounts,
●      Tracks your food in real time,
●      Saves your favorite orders for you.
Talabat●      Offers various cuisines and thousands of restaurants,
●      You can use it without making an account,
●      You can pay with a credit card or through cash on delivery.
EatEasy●      Has nice segments based on location and cuisine type,
●      You can pay with a credit card or by cash,
●      You have the opportunity to redeem cashback points on every order you make,
●      Available across all the seven states of UAE, not just Dubai.
Zomato●      User-friendly interface,
●      Minimum delivery charges,
●      Compatible with both Android and iOS systems,
●      Wide network of restaurants and detailed ratings and reviews.
Eat Clean●      Perfect for people who are on special diets,
●      You have the opportunity to calculate calorie intake and search for meal plans,
●      Choose healthy meals and preselected meal plans from an extensive menu.

Get the Right Food Delivery Apps Before You Go to Dubai and Enjoy Your Stay

In case you were planning a holiday in Dubai, this article was probably very useful to you. Now that you know that you cannot use DoorDash food delivery services in Dubai or UAE, you can choose some other delivery apps with similar options. Once you are back in the USA, with DoorDash, you will still be able to enjoy Middle Eastern food through a great number of restaurants that offer traditional Arabic dishes. Whatever your plan is for the future, I’m positive that having the right food delivery app by your side will be super helpful.