Is There Doordash in Spain

Doordash customers are already familiar with the many benefits this app offers and how convenient it is to use it in the comfort of your home for various deliveries. But what happens when you’re on vacation? If you find yourself in Barcelona or Madrid, you might start wondering, is there Doordash in Spain?

There is no Doordash delivery in Spain, but you can count on some great alternative solutions. For example, customers are very happy with the food delivery services that Glovo provides. Other convenient options are Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliverum.

Uber Eats delivery guy

Sorry to break your bubble and tell you that you can’t use your favorite food delivery app in Spain. On the other hand, this is your chance to discover many great alternatives – who knows, maybe you’ll like them equally, if not even more.

There Is No DoorDash in Spain, but You Can Use Other Incredible Food Delivery Apps

If you have ever visited Spain, you know that the local food scene is incredible. From the best ham sandwiches in the world to delicious paella and fresh fruit delicacies, you can’t go wrong with whichever cuisine you prefer. If only you could have all of these fantastic options delivered to your address without needing to wander around looking for the perfect restaurants that serve the right thing at the right moment.

Luckily, food delivery apps are at their highest peak. You have the option to order food online, plus they are always bringing something amazing to the food scene. You probably had a chance to use one before, and most of them differ only in form and name.

The availability of apps will mostly depend on the country you’re currently visiting or living in. For example, while DoorDash delivers food in Washington, it’s not available in Spain. On the other hand, you can order from Glovo, which is a great alternative.

Uber Eats is the same for all the parts of the world that have Uber services. You find the restaurant that collaborates with this amazing company, and they deliver you food from that restaurant for a certain fee – simple as that.

Glovo Is One of the Most Popular Delivery Apps in Spain

Glovo is a company that provides the best online food delivery service in Spain. It is a one-of-a-kind delivery system that will bring not only food but also other items you’ve purchased online right to your door. This platform maintains relationships with drivers and couriers to ensure your orders are delivered to you as quickly as possible.

They also made public all of the health and safety information that they require their staff to follow in order to ensure that everyone who uses their services feels safe and sound. This is part of their commitment to providing complete transparency.

Around the same time that Deliveroo began operations in Spain, Glovo made a significant pivot to strengthen its position in the food delivery market. Food orders make up 85.5% of Glovo’s total business in Europe.

Spanish paella

Uber Eats Is Another Outstanding Delivery Option if You Happen to Be in Spain

It was a brilliant idea to combine the concepts of Uber and takeout food delivery. In Madrid, Uber Eats is quickly becoming the go-to option for food delivery as the company partners with an increasing number of high-end restaurants and highly rated eateries.

It has never been simpler to order takeout thanks to the availability of more than one hundred restaurants you get to choose from and a variety of convenient payment methods, which include:

  • Credit cards,
  • PayPal,
  • Cash on delivery.

Check out this table to understand the main differences between DoorDash and Uber Eats better.

Uber EatsDoordash
Food OptionsNon-Metro areas don’t offer many optionsOffers a wider variety of options no matter the location
Status of Your OrderYou get detailed information about your order with live tracking of the driver who delivers your foodYou get limited information about your delivery status
Payment OptionsHigher service feeLower service fee
Cancellation OptionsPayment is possible only through debit and credit cardsThere are options for both card payment or payment after delivery in cash
Status of Your OrderOnce you order, you can’t cancelThere is an option to cancel your order

Just Eat Has Simple Delivery and Payment Policy

Just Eat is the name of the industry-leading platform that facilitates the delivery of food in Spain. The name itself says it all – all you have to do is choose what you want and enjoy your meal. It’s that simple. Same way as you can enjoy the Doordash delivery business in the US, you can enjoy Just Eat service in Spain.

They have locations all over the country and sell a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from Italian to Asian and Mexican to Indian, at very reasonable prices. The delivery service will typically cost the customer 2.5 euros. Simply visit Just Eat to get started with your order right away!

Deliverum Is One of the Most Popular Apps in Barcelona

Deliverum is one of the most popular apps for connecting users with local restaurants that offer food delivery services. Deliverum is the best choice for those visiting Barcelona for the very first time and looking for the city’s most delicious food options.

This app contains all of the information that is available about the restaurants offered. The description bar includes photographs as well as menus and the types of food that they offer. No matter what your preferences are, you’ll find something that suits your taste. The only flaw of this and other mentioned apps is that it might be hard to choose out of so many interesting options.

No Matter What You Choose, You’ll Fulfill Your Cravings in No Time

With so many exciting delivery options in Spain, you definitely won’t end up hungry no matter where you are. You can choose one of the previously mentioned options. They are similar to Doordash and offer a wide variety of interesting restaurants you can order from.