Is DoorDash in Michigan?

Among the most popular food delivery apps, DoorDash stands out as one of the best and most reliable applications customers can use all across the United States. However, many don’t know whether cities in the state of Michigan have DoorDash. Read our article and find out – is DoorDash in Michigan?

Yes, DoorDash is available in Michigan. In cities such as Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Warren, and Jackson, customers can freely opt to order their food using the app and get drivers to deliver orders in under an hour.

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If You Live in the State of Michigan, Use DoorDash for Ordering Food

The American company Doordash prides itself on the fact that it operates all throughout the United States. However, customers are usually clueless about how to know for sure that their city guarantees food delivery services. Entering your address is the safest way to find out whether there are drivers and restaurants nearby you can order from.

However, citizens of the state of Michigan can rest assured that they can use DoorDash. The biggest cities, such as Detroit and Grand Rapids, are included in the list of cities the application covers. Smaller cities such as Lansing, Jackson, Warren, Sterling Heights, Livonia, and Southfield have DoorDash, too. Therefore, you can open your application and begin browsing all the available local restaurants.

Small Towns and Suburbs Offer the Service as Well

Throughout Michigan, there are locations that have DoorDash service. Some of the areas near Detroit where you can get food delivered are:

  • Adrian,
  • Alpena,
  • Bay City,
  • Brighton,
  • Dearborn Heights,
  • Dundee,
  • Hudson,
  • Lapeer,
  • Leslie,
  • Portland,
  • Owosso.

The second biggest city in Michigan is Grand Rapids, a city with a population of 200,000. Apart from DoorDash being available in the place itself, there are suburbs and towns nearby that have the service as well. Here is a list of towns near Grand Rapids with DoorDash:

  • Big Rapids,
  • Cadillac,
  • Ionia,
  • Holland,
  • Greenville,
  • Kalamazoo,
  • Manistee,
  • Paw Paw,
  • Prudenville,
  • Traverse City,
  • West Branch.

Even if your location is not featured in this list, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use the app. Simply type your address in the DoorDash application, and available drivers and restaurants will pop up. If you live near the areas listed, you will surely be free to use the delivery service.

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Where Are the Headquarters of the Company?

Even though DoorDash is present across all the states, there is one location that is considered to be the company’s headquarters, and that is in San Francisco. Apart from San Francisco, the company has offices in Toronto, New York, and Chicago.

But, it doesn’t matter where the headquarters are for the customer to use the services and get the food as fast as possible. The company uses drivers that are designated for delivering food. They receive your order from the application, and you can track their progress. The most important thing for ordering food is that there are drivers and restaurants that participate in the delivery. The app is used for requesting and paying for the order.

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When Can You Order From DoorDash?

Now that you know where you can order, it’s best to know when you can order as well. The good news is that DoorDash doesn’t put any limitations on when you can get food delivered. It doesn’t stop delivering, and drivers can be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. However, one has to understand that the drivers depend on the opening hours of restaurants and stores since they have to pick up the orders. Ordering after 11 PM is challenging because of the simple fact that most restaurants close before midnight.

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Choose Restaurants in Detroit and Order Food

Whether you have the midnight munchies or you want to eat a healthy lunch, it’s safe to say that you will be spoilt for choice since DoorDash offers delivery services from over 500 restaurants in Detroit. The customers have the opportunity to choose different categories of cuisines, such as Italian, Greek, Mediterranean, and French. Once you know what type of food you want to order, get dishes from some of the top-rated restaurants on the application. Here is a table of the best available restaurants in Detroit and their ratings.

Type of restaurantNameRating
ItalianJet’s Pizza4.6
ItalianBigalora Wood Fired Cucina4
MexicanTaco Bell4.6
MexicanLas Cazuelas4.8
AsianDynasty Chinese Food4.6
AmericanTGI Fridays4.7
Middle EasternBasha Grill4.6
ChineseDynasty Chinese of Livonia4.5

Pick Different Restaurants in Grand Rapids City

There is a significant selection of over 300 restaurants in Grand Rapids users can get their food from. As the second largest city in Michigan, there are various cuisines to opt for and high-quality eateries. Here is a table of the best places you can get food from when living close to or in Grand Rapids.

Type of restaurantNameRating
DessertsThe Cheesecake Factory4.5
ChinesePanda Express4.3
SushiSoho Sushi4.6
IndianPal’s Indian Cuisine5
PizzaFratelli’s Pizza5
MexicanBeltline Bar4.6

How Can You Pay For Your Order?

Paying for DoorDash is quite simple and convenient since the application accepts various payment options. Everything can be done using the app – the customer can opt to use either PayPal, credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and Venmo. However, paying in cash or using EBT is not accepted.

When using a credit or debit card to settle the bill, the customer has to enter only the card information, while paying with PayPal, Apple Pay, or Venmo is even easier since one has to select the appropriate option in the application.

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So, is DoorDash in Michigan? Get a Quick Food Delivery With DoorDash in the Great Lake State

Across the state of Michigan, numerous small towns and cities have DoorDash delivery services. Some of the places that include food delivery are Detroit, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, Livonia, Southfield, Jackson, and Lansing. Nearby suburbs and areas that are not featured in the list might offer the service as well, but the customer should check by entering the appropriate address in the application. Once you know that your area is included, choose a restaurant and get your favorite food in less than an hour at your front door.