Is There DoorDash in Hong Kong?

Suppose you are on vacation or have recently moved to one of the most exciting cities in China and are looking to see which delivery companies are available. Perhaps you are just curious and willing to know – Is there DoorDash in Hong Kong? This article will explain everything you should know about the locations DoorDash operates in and whether Hong Kong is one of them.

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DoorDash is currently unavailable in Hong Kong or any other city in the Republic of China. Although DoorDash is available in many countries outside the US, China is still not on the list. However, if you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine, you will love the wide offer of Chinese restaurants currently available on the app in the USA.

DoorDash Is Not Offering Its Services in Hong Kong, China

In case you are curious whether it is possible to use DoorDash delivery services in Hong Kong, China, you should know that it is not. DoorDash is a business company based in the USA, and although it is currently working on spreading its services worldwide, it is still not available in China.

There is no official news about whether this huge food delivery business plans to start offering its services in the Republic of China. But in case this does come to pass, I am pretty sure that they will first start operating in Hong Kong, as it is one of the most cosmopolitan areas in China.

Which Countries Outside the USA Is Doordash Available In?

You might have already heard about DoorDash expanding to some countries outside the USA. Even though it is a USA-based company, working in numerous cities and states across the USA, this sole proprietorship company has the idea of becoming a worldwide brand.

Even though the expansion process is going somewhat slow, they have done a great job starting to operate in countries outside the US. DoorDash delivers food across the neighborhoods of Canada, Mexico, and Australia but also Germany, India, and Japan. You can say that they have slowly made their way to almost every continent of the world, and we can only expect them to expand even more in the next few years.

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Even Though It’s Not Available in China, Chinese Food Is Very Popular on the App

It is no new news that Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the United States. Many people enjoy eating different dishes originating from China. The statistics about Chinese restaurants available on the DoorDash app might surprise you. Currently, on the DoorDash app, there are:

  • 650 Chinese restaurants in New York City,
  • 894 Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles,
  • 873 Chinese restaurants in Chicago,
  • 763 Chinese restaurants in Houston,
  • 703 Chinese restaurants in Philadelphia,
  • 185 Chinese restaurants in Columbus
  • 570 Chinese restaurants in Phoenix,
  • 176 Chinese restaurants in Indianapolis,
  • 161 Chinese restaurants in Jacksonville
  • 324 Chinese restaurants in Seattle,
  • 409 Chinese restaurants in Denver.

Hong Kong Has a Great Number of Available Food Delivery Apps

If you are in Hong Kong and are interested in ordering food online, don’t worry too much about DoorDash not being available in China. Food delivery is quite popular in China, especially Hong Kong, and there are numerous apps you can consider using while staying in this city.

However, since it is such a huge town, it has tons of restaurants and food delivery apps, so it can be pretty hard to choose which app to use. If you’re not sure where to order, it’s probably best to opt for the most popular options.

What Are the Most Popular Food Delivery Apps in Hong Kong?

When you are a foreigner and in new surroundings, it’s hard to decide where to eat, which food delivery app to use, and which food to try. In these situations, it’s always the smartest to see which options are the most popular among locals. Logically, what locals use the most is probably the best choice. So if you are interested in trying out different apps for delivery, you might want to consider taking a look at this table below.

Name of the food delivery appDescription
Black Sheep GOOperates from Kennedy Town to Tai hand and all the way to the Peak. Provides premium delivery for its users.
FoodpandaIt has been operating for the longest period and has the largest offer of food and restaurants.
EatologyPremium food delivery service in town, combining organic ingredients and delicious food. Mainly focused on offering dietician meals with careful reports on nutrition.
DeliverooIt has become the largest platform with the vastest operating territory. It has the option of filtering your allergies, price ranges, preferences, and other creative tags.

That Was All You Needed to Know About DoorDash Availability in Hong Kong

Whatever the reason for your question, I hope that you found this article helpful. Whether you were just curious to know or organizing a trip to Hong Kong and planning your stay – this article has provided you with all the information you should know. If you were planning to use DoorDash in Hong Kong, now you know that isn’t possible, but also that there are many substitutes you can use.

If you are just a curious fan of Chinese cuisine living in the US, I suggest you simply order some Chinese food through your DoorDash app. Whatever your situation is, having the most popular restaurants at the top of your fingerprints through apps is quite useful and one of the most convenient inventions of the 21st century.