Is There Uber In Oaxaca?

Suppose you are thinking about visiting the beautiful Oaxaca and experiencing all of its beauties. In that case, you are sure thinking about how to get around it and will getting around Oaxaca be easy.

You are probably asking yourself if there is Uber in Oaxaca? No, there is no Uber in Oaxaca. The best way of getting around Oaxaca would be on foot, and if you don’t have the time to lose and want to get around faster, we recommend getting a car rental.

is there uber in oaxaca

From riding with a regular taxi to using public transportation. Keep reading to know more. 

How To Get Around Oaxaca Without Uber?

You probably think that getting around Oaxaca will be very hard since there is no Uber to help you get to all the places you wanted to visit there, but don’t worry. There are other transportation options to help you venture around this beautiful city. 

The best way of getting around Oaxaca would be on foot, and if you don’t have the time to lose and want to get around faster, we recommend getting a car rental, but let’s talk about all the ways to get around Oaxaca in detail. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Oaxaca

There are no alternative ride-sharing options in Oaxaca but don’t worry; this won’t make your experience worse; it will only give you more desire to explore it on foot and meet Oaxaca’s culture and people. 

Taxi in Oaxaca

Getting a taxi in Oaxaca is easy, and there are two options for getting one. Oaxaca offers Collectivo taxi services, and they will not take you to a specific location you ask them to; they have routes and only take passengers down those routes. 

They are a bit more expensive than the bus service, but they are more comfortable than when riding on a bus. The price for one ride will be around 15 pesos ($0.75). They have their destinations written on the front of the vehicle’s windshield, and they are maroon and white in color. 

Oaxaca also offers the Standard (Yellow) taxi services, which will be a bit more expensive but, if you like your freedom when riding with a taxi, this is an excellent option for you. When riding in a taxi, remember to ask your driver what will your trip’s price be before you start the ride. 

The taxi drivers don’t use meters, and your ride’s price will depend only on your driver. Also, expect that the cost of your ride, for the same route you took during the day, will be 25% higher during the night. 

When coming from the Oaxaca airport, as we said, ask your driver about the ride’s price before you get in and also make sure to pay at the beginning of the ride, not at the end. 

You also have the option of booking a taxi for an hour, and that will only cost you $5. Remember, when booking a taxi like that, you should always ask for your driver’s name and remember the vehicle’s license number. 

You also have the option of flagging a taxi down, which will cost you less than when booking one over the phone. 

Train in Oaxaca

There are no train services in Oaxaca, but they offer very affordable and reliable bus services which we’ll talk about next. 

Bus in Oaxaca

Getting a bus in Oaxaca is an easy and extremely affordable way of commuting around it. The ticket for it will cost you only 7 pesos ($0.35). If you want to know all the routes that Oaxaca buses can take you, you should ask your front desk staff. 

The government does not own the buses in Mexico, but by the driver, so they usually set their routes, which are well known by the locals or the staff that work at the hotel. 

Walking in Oaxaca

Getting around Oaxaca by foot might be your best option, not only because it is a kind of exercise but also because it’s eco-friendly and can easily be done in this city. The city is very pedestrian-friendly and your walks will be delightful. 

If you were ever to get lost, try asking the locals to assist you, they are very friendly and will always be happy to assist anyone in need. Making a local friend can also make your walks ten times more interesting since they can show you all the secret spots around this beautiful city. 

Bicycle in Oaxaca

Renting a bike can also be a fun way of exploring Oaxaca; if you like to walk but would still enjoy something with more speed, than renting a bike is the perfect idea for you. You will find many bike rental shops around town, and the prices for rentals will be super affordable. 

The prices for city bikes, for as long as eight hours, will only cost you around $3, so you will get the chance to explore the city throughout the whole day and spend only $3 on transportation, now that’s a real money saver. 

Rent a Car in Oaxaca

Renting a car in Oaxaca is a super good idea if you are a fan of speed and independence. Since the only person that you will depend on is yourself is traveling around with a car. You will also be able to explore around all the remote places in Oaxaca that you wouldn’t be able to see if commuting around on foot. 

This would be the most expensive way of commuting around Oaxaca, but that doesn’t mean that it will actually be expensive since all the ways of transportation discussed previously were very cheap. 

A car rental for an economy vehicle will only cost you $10 to $25 per day, which is very affordable. You can find many car rental shops around the city and at the airport. 

On the other hand, driving in Oaxaca, if you don’t have any experience of driving in Mexico, can be a bit confusing, so that could be one downside. A US driving license will suffice if you want to rent a car in Oaxaca, but make sure that you will bring your driving insurance when you want to rent a car in Oaxaca.

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