Is There Uber in Fethiye?

Fethiye is a beautiful city on the west coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the main tourist centers of Turkey and is located on the ruins of ancient Telmeso. To this day you can still see some of them in different parts, which makes it a very eye-catching destination.

But is there Uber in Fethiye? Uber is not available in Fethiye. Taxies in Fethiye are very expensive and if at all possible, it’s better to walk than take a taxi. You can also use public buses or rent a car or a scooter to get around Fethiye.

is there uber in Fethiye

Let’s see what type of transport Fethiye has to offer.

How To Get Around Fethiye Without Uber?

Fethiye is an astonishing town and has become more popular over the years, and with the popularity comes the question, how should I get around this town? Well the answer is pretty simple, you either take a walk or take a taxi, renting a car is quite expensive, and we wouldn’t recommend that if you’re going to stay just here.

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Fethiye, Turkey

Unfortunately, Fethiye, Turkey does not offer any sharing car services like Grab or Lyft. But let’s talk about the options that are available to take around Fethiye. 

Taxi in Fethiye, Turkey 

If you like walking and would like to experience Fethiye in its best light, we suggest taking a walk rather than taking a taxi. Taxies in Fethiye are very expensive; in some cases, they are two times more costly than those in Istanbul.

The taxies in Fethiye operate with a taximeter. Still, at night the tariff is different, so we suggest asking the driver how much will the ride cost before entering a taxi because night rides can be quite expensive. 

A ride from the airport will cost you about 15$.

Water taxis are a cheaper option than a regular taxi, they can fit about twenty to thirty people, and they usually go every thirty minutes. The cost for one ticket will be about $10, and kids will be able to ride in it for free. 

Train in Fethiye

Taking a train in Fethiye is not an available option since Fethiye does not have train rails. 

Bus in Fethiye

If you don’t feel like walking, but also don’t feel like giving away so much money for taxi rides, then taking a minibus ride or dolmus in Fethiye is your best option! They are a perfect way of commuting around Fethiye on a budget. 

There are many bus stops, but the driver will stop anywhere you want him to, upon your request. All the minibusses have been replaced for new and more modern minibusses, and apart from offering you a great price, they now provide comfort. 

They are very reliable, and you will be able to get one whenever you need it, the rides are very frequent, and they cover all parts that you can think of when commuting around Fethiye. 

All the rides usually start from 7 am and some finish at 8 pm and some at 11 pm, so they basically run all day and can get you to any location you need them to. 

Rent a Car in Fethiye

This option is probably best for you if you like your freedom and don’t like depending on anyone, but you still want to get to places fast. But, this option has many disadvantages too—Turkey is one of the countries that have the most expensive fuel prices in the world. 

The rental price won’t be as high; it will go anywhere from $24 to $40, depending on the type of car you would go for. Diesel cars are, of course, more convenient, but the price of the rental will be higher. 

Another drawback of this option is parking. Finding a parking space in the middle of the day in Fethiye’s midseason can be very hard, and you will have to pay for it, and if you don’t, you will be fined. 

Also, remember that drinking alcohol and driving is forbidden by the law in Turkey, and if you get chought, you can even end up in prison. 

Walking in Fethiye

As we mentioned above, this may be the best option for commuting around this small city, a walk to any place you wanted to go won’t take you longer than 10-15 minutes. And what is better than walking around and seeing all the details that you would not be able to see if you were in a car or bus. 

This option is also eco-friendly, so you won’t be thinking about yourself only if you choose this option, but you will be thinking about our planet too. 

Fethiye’s people are friendly and will assist you with anything you need; you might even make some local friends that will show you all the secret places of Fethiye that no tourist saw. 

Bicycle in Fethiye

This is another excellent way of exploring around Fethiye. By renting a bike, you will be exploring around the city in an eco-friendly way, but you will also exercise along the way. Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Cycling around Fethiye can be a fun experience if done alone or even better if it’s done with a friend. Wouldn’t it be nice to explore all the untouched places and see Fethiye’s beautiful landscapes while riding a bike?

The prices for bike rentals are incredibly low, and rental shops can be found all over the city. The cost for a one-day bike rental will be different depending on the bike type, but you can find bike rental shops that will rent you a bike for just $1 or $2 a day. Isn’t that amazing?

Scooter in Fethiye

Here is another fantastic way of commuting around Fethiye, a scooter rental! You could find a scooter to rent in really any car rental shop, and the prices are just as amazing as for the bikes. 

The price for a one-day scooter rental would be around $4, and by renting a scooter and not a car, you can forget about the parking problem too. So this is a win-win option. 

But, when riding a scooter in Fethiye, you have to be careful because some car drivers can neglect scooter drivers.