Is there Uber in Tulum, Mexico?

Are you traveling to the ancient Mayan port city? And do you want to know more about how to get to your favorite beaches or ruins?

No, there is no Uber in Tulum. But don’t worry, there are other transportation options to help you travel around your favorite vacation spot.

is there uber in tulum mexico

There are a few exciting options for traveling around Tulum, from riding with a regular taxi to renting a car or even walking. Keep reading to find out more.

How to get around without Uber around Tulum?

Tulum provides a lot of different ways of transport when getting around the city. From walking to renting a bike or hiking. Tulum also provides car rental services, so if you are more of a person who likes to travel by car, this will be the perfect option for you.

Stay with us as we will explore all the different ways of commuting around Tulum, Mexico.

Alternative ride-sharing (Grab/Lyft) services in Tulum?

Unfortunately, there are no ride-sharing services, like Grab or Lyft in Tulum.

Taxi in Tulum

One of the best and safest ways of travel in Tulum is getting a taxi. It is a bit expensive but will give you the experience you need. Most of the drivers are English-speaking drivers, so you do not have to worry about the language barrier.

You can get your taxi cab almost anywhere in the city, as taxi stands are available everywhere in Tulum. You just raise a hand, and one of them will come and pick you up.

Now let’s talk about the price. Most taxi drivers will give you the estimate before you even go into the car, so make sure you agree to a fare before entering the vehicle, as some of the drivers may trick you into one price but tell you the other one when you finish your ride.

A fare from Tulum Airbase to Tulum downtown will cost you around MXN50.00, and the ride will last for 10 minutes. Most of the taxi cabs will charge you MXN7.00 ($0.35) as the initial fee, MXN2.50 ($0.13) per minute, and MXN5.00 ($0.25) per KM.  

Make sure to be straight forward with Taxi drivers in Tulum as they are called Caribbean Sharks and will not tolerate smoke and mirrors.

The prices mentioned are only the estimates and may differ depending on the taxi company, the route you’re taking, or the time spent in traffic. Keep in mind that traffic in Tulum is terrible; you might be stuck in traffic for up to 30-minutes for no reason.

Public bus/ vans in Tulum

Tulum has limited transportation to the colectivos/ vans that go up and down the main highway, from Tulum to Playa del Carmen and back.

Public buses can take you from Tulum to Cancun in 3 hours and cost you around MXN70.00 for low-cost bus service. The Maybe bus will drop you off anywhere you desire. You can get a bus to the local bus station every hour.  It is an easy and affordable way to travel from Tulum to nearby cities.

If you go with a first-class bus service, it will cost you more, and the driver will drop you off at the bus station only.

Scooter in Tulum

One of the best ways of commuting around the city is by renting a scooter. Not only will you get to your desired location fast, but you will have the benefit of moving between cars and avoid traffic.

The prices can go from MXN150.00 ($6.30) to MXN400.00 ($17.00), depending on the type of scooter you want to rent.

Renting an electric scooter can cost up to MXN500.00 ($20.00), depending on the model you choose.

Rent a car in Tulum

If you are more of a car person, it is almost effortless to rent a car in Tulum. It is affordable and trendy. The prices for a three-day rental will be from MXN1300.00 ($54.00) to MXN1900.00 ($80.00), depending on the car you choose.  

As we mentioned earlier, traffic can be a bit of a problem if you drive around the city. You can be stuck in traffic for up to 30-minutes for no reason at all. So if you have a lot of patience; renting a car and driving around Tulum is not a big deal for you.

Rent a Bike in Tulum

If you are looking for exercise after lunch and you want to get to your favorite beach, renting a bike will give you the best of both worlds. You can rent a bike anywhere in Tulum. They are easy to get and will cost you around MXN150.00 ($6.30) per day. If you rent a bike for a few days per day- the price will be less high.

Because most of Tulum’s streets are flat, you will not have to put a lot of effort when cycling around town. The bike ride from the city to the main beach will take up to 35 minutes, depending on the speed and the steps you take.

Ola bike Tulum is one of the best bike – rental shops. The prices go from MXN150.00 ($6.30), if you rent your bike for a day, up to MXN1050.00 ($45.00), if you want to rent a bike for a week.

Walking in Tulum

The best way to explore the city is when you are walking around and through it. You will notice some things that can’t be seen if you are riding in a car or riding a bike. So if you are more of a walking tour guy, you can explore Tulum by yourself or with professionals.

Tulum has many walking tours that are not that pricy and will take you to some of the most beautiful places in Tulum.

The price for a 5 hour guided, Tulum and Dos Ojos Cenotes tour will cost you around MXN900.00, which is $37.00.

Tulum Local Walking Food Tour will last for 3 hours and will cost you around $55.00.

And a half-day Tulum Ruins Tour will cost $59.00, including AC transport to the ruins, water, and snacks. 

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