Is There Uber in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt am Main is a city well known for its futuristic skyline and its historic center. It is a city where old and new coexist in total harmony. It is also the financial and logistic center of Germany, as well as an important cultural and artistic melting pot.

But is there Uber in Frankfurt? Yes, there is Uber in Frankfurt. Uber is one of the most affordable ways of commuting around Frankfurt. The Uber minimum fare in Frankfurt is €5 and Uber is 25% cheaper in Frankfurt than a taxi.

is there uber in Frankfurt

Now, let us tell you about all the advantages when using Uber around Frankfurt. 

How To Get A Free Uber Ride in Frankfurt?

If you just downloaded the application, you can rest assured that your first ride will be free. There are other coupon codes and promotions that you could use when commuting around Frankfurt with Uber to get your ride for free or at least lower your ride’s price. 

Is There UberXL in Frankfurt?

No, there is no UberXL in Frankfurt. But there are some other good options to choose from when using Uber as your means of transportation in Frankfurt, like UberX, Uber Green, and Uber Premium. 

Uber Green offers emission-free, affordable rides, and Uber Premium offers high-end rides with professional drivers. And UberX, as you probably already know, are the affordable everyday rides that can fit up to three people in the car. 

How Much Does Uber Cost in Frankfurt?

Uber is one of the most affordable ways of commuting around Frankfurt. Depending on the ride you choose, the prices will be lower or higher. But apart from the low price, Uber offers great comfort and security, so you will be paying less than what you will get. 

Uber Minimum Fare in Frankfurt?

The Uber minimum fare in Frankfurt is €5; if taking the UberX ride, the cancellation fee will cost the same, and the base fare for the UberX ride will be €2, and you will be charged €1.11 per kilometer. The prices for Uber Green are the same as for the UberX rides. 

And if you were to take Uber Premium, the minimum fare and the cancellation fee is €9, and the base fare is €6, you will be charged €1.5 per kilometer. 

How Much Does Uber Cost From Frankfurt Airport  To Central Frankfurt?

Uber from Frankfurt Airport to central Frankfurt would cost €35.24 if you were to use UberX and Uber Green, as for the Uber Premium, it will cost you €48.96.

How Much Does Uber Cost From Frankfurt Hahn Airport To Central Frankfurt?

The cost for an Uber ride from Frankfurt Hahn Airport to central Frankfurt costs €162.38 if you plan to go with UberX or Uber Green; as for the Uber Premium, the ride costs €232.94.

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost In Frankfurt?

An Uber 30-minute Uber ride in Frankfurt would cost you about €50 if riding with UberX or Uber Green, and if you were riding with Uber Premium, the ride would cost you about €70.

Can You Pay Cash With Uber in Frankfurt?

No, you can not pay cash with Uber in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, Uber in Frankfurt is cash-free, but you could pay with a debit or credit card, and if you don’t like paying with a card, you could simply use a taxi in Frankfurt, but there are some downsides when it comes to commuting with a taxi in Frankfurt.

What’s Cheaper In Frankfurt  Uber Or Taxi?

Uber is 25% cheaper in Frankfurt than a taxi. Not only that, but Uber rides offer more safety and comfort, so if you decide on taking a taxi around Frankfurt, know that you will really be overpaying for the services that you will get. 

How Safe Is Uber in Frankfurt?

There is no safer way of commuting around Frankfurt than with Uber. Uber has been known as a transportation option that cares for its customer’s safety and well-being. 

That is the reason why Uber drivers have to go through a series of checkups before they start working with Uber, and there are plenty of other safety measures that Uber takes when it comes to protecting its customers.

Is Uber Safe At Night in Frankfurt?

Yes, Uber is safe at night in Frankfurt! Apart from checking their drivers’ background before starting their work in Uber, they have many other safety features like 24/7 available support and emergency assistance. 

Every Uber vehicle is being tracked with GPS, so if something happened to you in Uber, their support team would know your location and where to send the help you may need. 

How Reliable Is Uber In Frankfurt?

Uber in Frankfurt is very reliable. Uber offers 24/7 service, and there are lots of available cars at all times, even in the busiest hours, so you can be sure that you will get your Uber ride whenever you need it, at any point of the day or night. 

Can You Pre Book Uber in Frankfurt?

Yes, you can pre-book Uber in Frankfurt! Uber’s option to pre-book your ride is really fantastic; it gives you the possibility to book your ride for that important event that is twenty days from now and get one thing off your busy mind. 

The only thing you need to do is choose the option to Schedule a ride and pick a date!

Can Uber Operate Outside Frankfurt?

No, Uber does not operate outside Frankfurt. Getting an Uber ride to take you outside of Frankfurt is not possible, so the best option, in this case, is to go by taxi or rent a car. 

Uber is available in other cities in Germany too, so if you were to go to one of those cities, you could still use the application.

How Do I Contact Uber in Frankfurt?

Contacting Uber in Frankfurt is easy; all you need to do is choose the Help option in your app and book an in-person appointment with someone from their support team to help you solve your problem.

Or if you think it will help, you could check the frequently asked questions on Uber’s website too.