Is there Uber in Hamburg?

Are you visiting Hamburg and wondering if there is Uber to help you with your trip?

Uber is available in Hamburg, Germany. Just download the Uber App, put in your pick up and your drop off location, sit back, and enjoy your ride. 

is there uber in hamburg

Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany and the 7th largest in Europe, and with 1.8 million people living there, Hamburg can be kind of hectic.

How to Get a Free Ride in Hamburg?

Being new with Uber, you are certainly going to get your first ride to be discounted or, in some cases, free.  And if you already have the app, just open it, click on the menu icon at the top left, then select “Free Rides.” You will be able to see your codes.

Is there Uber XL in Hamburg?

Uber XL is not available in Hamburg. So if you need a ride for you and 4 of your friends, you should search for some other options.

The only available options are Uber Taxi, Uber X, and Uber Green.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Hamburg?

In Hamburg, Uber is as affordable as taxis are, the prices may differ depending on traffic or the time when you are requesting your Uber or your taxi, but all in all, prices are almost the same.

Uber Minimum Fare in Hamburg.  

Uber X minimum fare is €5.00; the base fare is €2.00, €0.31 is the price of your ride per minute, and €1.70 is the price for your ride per kilometer. 

Uber Green prices are the same as Uber X.

Uber Taxi prices are not available at the Uber site; the prices are metered as the regular taxis and will be presented to you when you get to your drop off place. 

The cancelation fee for Uber X and Uber Green will cost you €5.00, and if you wanted to cancel your Uber Taxi ride, that would cost you €4.00.  

How Much Does Uber Cost From Hamburg International Airport To Central Hamburg?

The trip from Hamburg International Airport to the Center of Hamburg with Uber X or Uber Green will be around €30.00. Uber Taxi prices can differ from €25.00-€35.00.

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost In Hamburg?

A 30-minute ride with Uber X or Uber Green will cost you around €36. 

Uber Taxi prices can be from €30- €40 depending on traffic or the route. 

Can You Pay Cash With Uber in Hamburg?

Paying cash in Hamburg is not available, so if you would want to travel with Uber, you should have either a Credit/ Debit card or a PayPal account.

The only thing you can do with cash is to tip your driver, but that all depends on you.

What’s Cheaper In Hamburg Uber Or Taxi?

If you compare the prices for Uber X, Uber Taxi, and a regular Taxi, prices will be almost the same.

The difference will be in just a few euro cents or a couple of euros, so if you have any doubts about what to choose, it just comes to a point what you like more, Uber or regular Taxi services. 

How Safe Is Uber in Hamburg?

In definition, Uber really safe as Uber drivers go through tests and all sorts of trainings before they even start working like drivers, and a lot of the drivers in Uber are professional drivers, but that doesn’t really mean that you can be 100% safe, so be careful as you are when driving in a regular taxi, and if you have complains you can contact Uber’s Call Center.

Is Uber Safe At Night in Hamburg?

Even though Hamburg is a big city, it is a very safe one at night. But is it safe to ride with Uber in Hamburg at night? 

Yes, Uber is as safe at night as it is safe in daylight. As we said in the previous paragraph before they start working with Uber, Uber drivers undergo a series of checkups, so riding in an Uber car at night should be as normal and safe as riding in an Uber at any other time of the day.

How Reliable Is Uber In Hamburg?

Uber in Hamburg is very reliable. Whenever you need one, you will most certainly get one.  And when you book a ride, you can be 100% sure that your ride will be waiting for you at your pickup location. 

Can You Pre Book Uber in Hamburg?

Yes, you can pre-book your Uber ride in Hamburg. So if you are traveling to Hamburg and you want your Uber car waiting for you when you arrive, you can pre-book it.

We assure you the ride will be there waiting for you at the desired time. 

Can Uber Operate Outside Hamburg?

Uber in Germany is quite popular. Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, and Frankfurt are the cities where Uber is available. So if you are going to take a ride to one of those cities, you can most certainly get a ride back to Hamburg. Still, if you would want to go to any other location outside of Hamburg, we are sure you could get a ride to that place, but we are not sure if you could get back with Uber if Uber is not operating in that particular town.

How Do I Contact Uber in Hamburg?

There are two ways of Contacting Uber in Hamburg. The first one is with your In-app support, if you lost something in Uber, you can just click the journey, then go to the menu item “I lost smoothing” and then “Contact the driver about a lost item” if the driver answers in the short notice you can arrange the meeting point and everything is done. 

Another way of contacting Uber is just by clicking this link:

If you have any issues or feel intimidated by your driver or are not sure about your safety and your family or friends’ safety, please contact the local police, as they are skilled to help you if you are in danger.