Is there Uber in Mexico City?

Mexico City is the largest city in Mexico. Its population is around 9 million people. Therefore the urge for transportation is high. And we will tell you one of the best ways to commute around Mexico City. 

Yes, there is Uber in Mexico City, and it is one of the safest ways of traveling around the city. The base fare for Uber in Mexico City is 5.10 Mexican Pesos ($0.25). In addition, it costs 1.00 Mexican Peso per minute ($0.050) and 3.50 Mexican Pesos per kilometer ($0.17).

is there uber in mexico city

Read on to find out more and venture around the city as smoothly as possible.  

How to Get a Free Uber Ride in Mexico City?

The best way to have your ride discounted is by getting signed up with an invitational code that will give you around $20.00 off your first ride. 

And if you are a newbie with Uber, you will most certainly get your first ride discounted or even free.

Is There Uber XL in Mexico City?

Yes, there is Uber XL in Mexico City.

Riding with your friends or family has never been easier. Just download the app, select your pick up and your drop off location and choose Uber XL so you can all go together. It fits up to 5 people, and if you share the expenses, it will be as cheap as chips.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Mexico City?

Uber is one of the cheapest ways of transport in Mexico City. So if you are traveling to Mexico and you would want to ride with Uber, you needn’t have to worry; it is one of the most affordable ways of commuting around the city. 

Uber Minimum Fare in Mexico City?

Uber X, Uber X VIP, Uber and Transit, and Uber Assist minimum fare is MXN35.00 ($1.73). Uber Comfort minimum fare is MXN43.75 ($2.17) Uber XL minimum fare is MXN45.50 ($2.23) Uber Black minimum fare is MXN77.00 ($3.82) Uber Black SUV minimum fare is MXN150.00 ($7.44)

How Much Does Uber Cost From Mexico City International Airport to Central Mexico City?

A ride with Uber X, Uber Assist, and Uber X VIP from Mexico City International Airport to Mexico City Downtown will cost you around MXN72.00, which is around $3.60.

The same route with Uber and Transit will cost you MXN82.00 ($4.00) Uber Comfort will cost you MXN133.00 ($6.60) Uber XL will be MXN170.00 ($8.50) Uber Black will be MXN251.00 ($12.5) Uber Black SUV will be MXN412.00 ($20.50)  

How Much Does Uber Cost From Toluca Airport to Central Mexico City?

Uber X and Uber X VIP will cost you around MXN570.00, which is around $28.00.            

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost in Mexico City?

Uber and Transit will cost you MXN75.00 ($3.70) Uber X, Uber x VIP, and Uber Assist will cost you MXN83.00 ($4.10) Uber Comfort will cost you MXN153.00 ($7.50) Uber XL will be MXN195.00 ($9.60) Uber Black will be MXN230.00 ($11.50) and Uber black SUV will cost you MXN380.00 ($19.00) for a 30-minute ride.

Be aware that all of the prices may differ depending on time, traffic, or part of the day.  

Can You Pay Cash with Uber in Mexico City?

The option to pay with cash in Uber Mexico City is not available. The only available payment options are via Credit or Debit Card.

But if you would want to tip your driver, you can tip him with cash.  

What’s Cheaper In Mexico City Uber Or Taxi? 

Taxi fares are a lot more expensive than Uber fares, so if you wonder which one is cheaper, our answer would be Uber. As Uber is more reliable and will not trick, taxi drivers sometimes tend not to use their meter. 

How Safe Is Uber in Mexico City?

As Mexico City’s safety plays a significant part in their culture, we are sure that you will be safe with Uber too. Most Uber drivers are professional drivers and will go under a lot of tests before they start working with Uber, and if they fulfill that task, they are ready to go. So don’t worry, Uber is safe in Mexico City. 

Is Uber Safe At Night in Mexico City?

Mexico City is the most inhabited city in Mexico; therefore, the nightlife tends to be crazy. Like in any other metropolis, you should always be extra careful by night. Even though Uber is safe, you should always sit right behind your Uber driver and get out as soon as the ride is over if you are riding alone. 

Trust your instincts, and if you feel any discomfort, you should always call the local authorities.

How Reliable Is Uber in Mexico City?

Uber is very popular and very reliable in Mexico City. So whenever you need an Uber, you will most certainly get one.

Can You Pre Book Uber in Mexico City?

Yes, you can pre-book your Uber in Mexico City. So if you are having a busy day and you would want your Uber to take you home in 3 hours, we are sure it will wait for you at your pick-up location at the desired time. 

Can Uber Operate Outside Mexico City?

As Uber is operating in most big cities in Mexico, we can assure you that they will take you anywhere you want to go, and you can expect to find a ride back to Mexico with the minimum waiting time. 

How Do I Contact Uber in Mexico City?

If you have any complaints and you would like to contact the complaints line, you should dial 1300 091 272. 

If you lost an item, go to your Uber App, select “Your trips” section, select the ride you’ve taken and select “I lost an item” to get in touch with your Uber driver and for a return of your lost item.

And if you want to call the operator, just open the “Help” center and then select “Call Support.” 

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