Is There Uber In Playa Del Carmen?

If you are thinking about visiting Playa Del Carmen, the heart of Rivera Maya, you are in for some good fun, since there are many beautiful beaches to see and fun things to do in Playa Del Carmen. And will Uber be there to help you stroll around this beautiful spot?

No, there is no Uber in Playa Del Carmen. But don’t worry, there are other transportation options to help you venture around Playa Del Carmen. 

is there uber in playa del carmen

From riding with a regular taxi to using public transportation. Keep reading to know more. 

How to Get Around Playa Del Carmen Without Uber?

Uber would sure be a helpful tool to get around Playa Del Carmen, but don’t think that just because Playa Del Carmen doesn’t offer Uber services, your trip to Playa Del Carmen would be any less fun. 

We are here to tell you all about Playa Del Carmen’s transportation options, so you can choose the one you like best. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen offers no alternative ride-sharing options, but you are not to worry since there are plenty of other options to help you get around it. 

Taxi in Playa Del Carmen

Getting around Playa Del Carmen with a taxi is one of the most popular means of transportation. They are very affordable and offer great service. In Playa Del Carmen, the taxi color is white and 

turquoise and there are two options when riding with a taxi around Playa Del Carmen: regular taxis and colectivos. 

Colectivos in Playa Del Carmen are a great way of commuting around it. It is incredibly affordable; the tickets cost only $0.25 for any ride and kids under the age of three rides for free. Colectivos have set rides, and there are stops along your ride where you can get off. 

When riding with a regular taxi, you will get excellent service and pay only a little. Any ride around the city with your friends will not cost you more than $2. The taxies can be flagged down on the street, and there are plenty of cars strolling around at all times. 

Taxis in Playa Del Carmen are very reliable. Also, remember to arrange your ride price with your driver before you enter the car. You will also be able to get rides from the airport and anywhere out of Playa Del Carmen with a taxi. 

Train in Playa Del Carmen

Getting around Playa Del Carmen by train is not possible, so let’s move on to our next option, which is bus services. 

Bus in Playa Del Carmen 

Taking a bus around Playa Del Carmen is not our recommendation, since they almost have the same routes as Colectivos, they cost the same, but they are slower than a Colectivo ride. The routes and stops that the bus will take a written on the windshield of the vehicle. 

Ferries in Playa Del Carmen 

If you would like to try something new like scuba diving or snorkeling in Playa Del Carmen, you should hop on a ferry. They have three lines and run every day from 6 am to 11 pm. It is a good way of exploring and trying new things in Playa Del Carmen. 

The ticket prices will cost you anywhere between $10 to $11 for a one-way ticket, and the ride will last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. The tickets can be bought online or at booths at the dock. 

Walking in Playa Del Carmen 

Playa Del Carmen is pedestrian-friendly, and walking is one of the best ways of exploring around Playa Del Carmen, not only because it is healthy but because you will get a chance to meet the culture. Usually, people get lazy when on vacation and would instead use other means of transportation, but we would really recommend walking around Playa Del Carmen. 

Bicycle in Playa Del Carmen

Getting around Playa Del Carmen by bicycle is a fun and safe way of getting around. There are a few bike rails around it, but don’t try riding a bike around the 5th Ave since it is made for pedestrians only. Also, if you are wondering how to get a bike, we can tell you that it has never been easier. 

Many vacation rentals around Playa Del Carmen have their own bikes that they lend to their guests to wander around Playa Del Carmen, and if they don’t have bikes in your rental then you can rest assured that it will be easy to find a bike rental shop, since there are several shops around it. 

Rent a Car in Playa Del Carmen

Renting a car in Playa Del Carmen is an available and great option if you like your freedom and you don’t want to depend on anyone but yourself. Getting to all those remote beaches and places that you couldn’t get around when riding on a bus is done easily with a car rental. 

When in Playa Del Carmen, you will need Mexican car insurance to get a rental. Driving around Playa Del Carmen can be hectic at times but, when there is a lot of traffic around town, the streets are usually regulated by the police. 

Don’t be scared to get a fine if you are obeying the laws of Playa Del Carmen and don’t think that the police will bother you just because you are a foreigner, since Playa del Carmen is a tourist place and the police are used to tourists being there all year around. 

In Playa Del Carmen, you can get a car rental at the airport or in some of its car rental shops around town. The prices for rentals are not high, and they will, of course, differ depending on the type of vehicle you go for. 

When renting a car, you should always lock the doors, close the windows whenever you leave the car, and remember never to leave your valuables inside the car when leaving it.

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