Where To Buy Lyft Gift Cards?

Knowing where to buy a lyft gift card is a wise decision. Whether you want to buy them online or in a physical store is of crucial essence, if you want to gift a ride to you or your friends and family. 

You can buy Lyft gift cards online or through department stores. Lyft has both digital and physical gift cards, whose prices range from $25-$250. You can redeem both cards in exchange for driving services within the Lyft app. 

Throughout this article, we’ll explain where you can buy Lyft gift cards and how to redeem them. In the event your card gets lost, we have a few tips on how to retrieve it. By the end, you’ll have enough info to make the best out of your gift card. 

List of Places and Locations that Sells Lyft Gift Cards

Here are the places that sell Lyft gift cards:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart

Detailed Guide to Where You Can Buy Lyft Gift Cards

Where to buy Lyft gift cards? Start by going to Lyft.com you’re planning on buying online. Create a Lyft account and search for Gift cards on their website. Buying a digital gift card will lead to an email confirmation. 

However, digital cards don’t feel like a physical “gift.” For those who want to buy a physical Lyft gift card, you will have to go through a third party or buy one in person.

Sites such as Amazon.com offer gift cards for as low as $50. You can even buy it and receive one-day shipping if you’re an Amazon prime member. So, you’ll have a physical card that can be directly sent to your friend’s home. 

Alternatively, you can purchase a Lyft gift card from brick and mortar stores. You can buy it from Office Depot, Safeway, or Kroger stores. They have physical gift cards available up to $250. 

Unlike a Lyft digital card, you don’t need to create a Lyft account. Simply pay for the card as if it was a regular item. The benefit of physical Lyft cards is that you can directly give them to your friend. 

1 – Amazon – Order Lyft Gift Cards Online

Amazon sells Lyft gift cards ranging from $25-$100. What makes it better is that you can buy this online. Simply go to Amazon.com and search “Lyft Gift Cards”. You’ll be presented to a screen where you can purchase one. 

This is a great way to give a gift card ride for a friend. After purchasing the gift card, it will send an email to your account to redeem it. Then, you can send it to your friend, and they can verify it through the Lyft app. 

Always beware of scammers when buying a Lyft gift card. Because of this, make sure you see “by Lyft” before buying to ensure you’re getting it from the right source. 

2 – Target

  • Target also sells Lyft gift cards. Unlike Amazon,  Target has their own physical stores. This means that you can buy them either online or through a local store nearby you. Another benefit is that the Target gift card doesn’t expire, so you can redeem it anytime. 
  • Remember, this Lyft gift card is only redeemable for ride services through the Lyft platform. The entire value of the gift card will be redeemed on your gift card after you’ve made the purchase. 

3 – Best Buy

  • Best Buy is a department store that specializes in electronics. When you go to their physical store or online, you’ll notice that they sell Lyft gift cards. The only draw back from buying in stores is the closing time.
  • This means that while you can buy from the physical store, you might have to wait the next day if they are not open. Because of this, you can opt for a digital gift card. After you’ve bought a gift card from Best Buy, you can redeem it through the Lyft app. 

4 – Walmart

Walmart allows for users to buy Lyft gift cards. However, users complained that the quality of service when they bought a gift card online. Some noticed that the gift card was not being accepted through Lyft’s app after making a purchase. 

If that’s the case, you can still get a Lyft gift card through one of their physical stores. That way, its easier for to have a card in your possession and you can redeem at anytime. 

A Brief History of Walmart

Walmart was established in 1950. It started off as one store that was purchased by Sam Walton who wanted to create his first line of department stores. Today, Walmart has over 11,000 stores established worldwide, and now has an e-commerce section for their customers who like to shop online.    

Where to Buy Lyft Gift Cards: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lyft Gift Cards Expire? 

Your Lyft gift cards do not expire. Lyft doesn’t charge for inactivity, usage fees, or dormancy on your account. If you do you a digital gift card, keep the email confirmation in your records so you don’t lose it. 

Why Should I Buy A Lyft Gift Card? 

When using the Lyft app, the cost for multiple rides add up. If you frequently use Lyft, than the gift card will help you reduce the ride costs. This gift card is useful for younger travelers and college students, as it helps them get rides to their favorite hangouts or events. 

Additionally, Lyft gift cards are good for business travelers. It’s cheaper to rent a Lyft ride than rent an entire vehicle for a day. And, you don’t have to worry about parking; that’s up to the Lyft driver!

Or what if you have an elderly family member? Give them a Lyft card so they can continue to ride around the city without having to hail a taxi. 

Like any gift card, Lyft has different price ranges. For example, a gift card of $25 can be used for a quick ride. As for the $250 cards, you can use that for a week’s worth of round trips around the city.  

How Can I Redeem My Lyft Gift Card? 

Lyft allows for digital gift cards to be used at anytime. At this time, Canadian Lyft users are unable to use gift cards. If you have promo codes or gift cards, select the combo you want to use before getting a ride. 

You can redeem your digital lyft card by either code or redeem link. 

Code: If you cannot find your email, you can access your gift card code through lyft.com/gift/history. This will see your previous gift codes and your gift purchasing history. 

Redeem Link: When choosing your gift recipient’s email address, the email will send them a link to automatically add their gift card to the app. The recipient can also place in the 16-digit code manually on the Lyft App. 

Here’s how they can receive the code:

Select the menu on the right corner

Press “Promos”

Write the code inside the “Enter promo code” box

Press “Apply”

Physical Stores That Sell Lyft Gift Cards

If you’re trying to get a few Lyft gift cards that’s close to your location there are a few physical stores that sell them. Here are the most common physical stores that sell lyft gift cards:

  1. Walmart
  2. StarBucks
  3. Best Buy
  4. Kroger 
  5. Office Depot 

Online Stores That Sell Lyft Gift Cards

If you want the added convenience, you can get Lyft gift cards online. These stores tend to sell the digital copies of Lyft gift cards. 

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart

Uses of Lyft Gift Cards

Lyft gift cards can be used to give one or multiple free rides. As long as the gift card has enough  to cover for the ride, then you can use the gift card as a way to pay that to throughout using the platform.  

For instance, you can opt for a $25 gift card who want a short commute. $25 can be used to go through a simple 10-13 minute standard ride. 

The $100 gift card can be used for 2 things. First, it can be used to have multiple car rides throughout the app. Second, if you want a ride through the Lyft Lux system, you’ll have enough to pay for it. 


To conclude, you can buy a Lyft gift card online or in a department store. When buying one, make sure the recipient has the app downloaded. That way, they can enjoy your gift and have a few free rides along the way.