Is There Instacart In China?

Millions of customers across Canada and the United States are amazed by the Instacart delivery service. Various cities have Instacart shoppers ready to deliver your grocery at any hour of the day. But is there Instacart in China?

No, there is no Instacart in China. For now, Instacart services are available only in cities across the USA and Canada. On the other hand, China has other applications intended for the same purpose.

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Is There Instacart In China?

Instacart is not present in any other country apart from Canada and the United States. Therefore, China doesn’t have access to Instacart services. Even though there are no plans to launch Instacart in China in the near future, there are other applications that can be used instead.

All customers who wish to check whether Instacart services are available near their location or in their city can rely on the app’s locations page. Once you enter your postal code and your ZIP code, there will be nearby cities and areas with Instacart featured on the screen.

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What Grocery Delivery Applications Are Available In China?

Grocery delivery apps have become popular all over the world since the COVID-19 pandemic, and their popularity seems to have continued to grow. China has a couple of well-known food delivery applications that can be used as a substitute for Instacart, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. Here is a chart with available applications.

Name of the Application
MeituanIt is a grocery delivery platform in China. It is based in Beijing, and they have as many as 290 million active users. The app’s fees depend on the stores one orders from and the location.
Ele.meThe second biggest grocery delivery app is They have 200 million active users. You can choose to order from the restaurants and stores that are featured on the app.
Duodian DmallDuodian Dmall is used when purchasing fresh produce the most. One can choose different categories to shop under.
WomaiAnother useful app is Womai which sells primarily imported products. There is also fresh local produce that can be ordered as beverages as well.
MeicaiSimilar to Womai, Meicai offers farm products. They sell fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat primarily.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Instacart?

Is Instacart worth it? Instacart is currently only available in North America, but it will soon expand, and customers should know whether using the app is beneficial. We’ve created lists that outline the pros and possible cons of the application for individuals who plan on using the application as soon as it arrives in their area.

Here are the advantages of Instacart:

  • There are numerous cities in Canada and the United States where there are Instacart shoppers.
  • There is an option to use Instacart+ which allows users to enjoy free deliveries for purchases over $35 and lower service fees.
  • One can request a same-day delivery.
  • Some stores, such as Price Chopper, Food Lion, Market Bistro, and Market 32, accept EBT on Instacart.
  • It is convenient for users who are unable to do in-store shopping.
  • Instacart is a partner with Walmart, Target, Giant Tiger, Galleria Supermarket, and Metro.
  • Paying for Instacart functions the same as paying for DoorDash. The app accepts PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay.

Even though the benefits are persuasive, there are still a couple of drawbacks users need to pay attention to. Here is the list of possible cons:

  • Users from rural areas don’t have access to the platform.
  • There is a delivery fee and service fee that depend on several factors for users who have not signed up for Instacart+.
  • Some prices on the application vary from those that can be found in the store.
  • Some users can struggle with figuring out how the app functions.

How Can You Order Groceries With The Help Of Instacart?

When users log into their accounts, they are allowed to shop from stores that are close to their location. Once you choose the items you want and the order is placed, the application will find you a shopper that will pick up the items and quickly deliver them to your front door.

There is also the option of contactless delivery, which you can request by instructing the shopper to leave everything at the door. Another useful feature is order tracking. You will know where your order is at all times and how long you need to wait for it.

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How Long Does It Typically Take For The Shopper To Deliver The Order?

Instacart allows its users to schedule when their orders should arrive. There is an option to request a same-day delivery that can be at your front door in just one hour, or there is an option to request a later delivery during the day or the week. However, one has to keep track of the delivery, so it doesn’t fall through. It’s advisable to turn on the notifications, check from time to time for phone calls and messages from the shopper and leave instructions on codes and parking.

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Where Can One Order Using Instacart?

Is Instacart available in California and Illinois? Almost all states have some cities with Instacart. Oneshould know where you can get groceries delivered for sure. In our list below, you can find the top places where Instacart is one of the number one delivery apps in the area.

  • Las Vegas,
  • San Francisco,
  • Los Angeles,
  • Chicago,
  • Washington, DC,
  • Chicago,
  • New York City,
  • Dallas,
  • Atlanta.

Until China Gets Instacart, Choose Another Delivery Application

When Instacart is unavailable in a certain area, it’s best to check whether you can use Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, or Amazon instead. In China, where such apps are unavailable, it’s best to use local applications. In China, one can deliver via Meituan,, Womai, and Meicai.

Since Instacart is always adding new stores, users can shop from areas where they offer their services, and it’s safe to say that China might get Instacart in the future. For now, shopping online and delivery services have to be carried out using already well-known applications and websites.