Is Instacart in Mexico

Instacart is currently one of the most popular food & grocery delivery apps in the USA. Since the app has been founded, it’s been growing immensely, and some of you may be thinking – Is Instacart in Mexico? If you are planning on relocating to Mexico or going on a vacation there, you might be interested in learning whether you can use this app during your stay. This article will answer all your questions regarding food & grocery deliveries in Mexico.

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Instacart is not available in Mexico or any other country in South America. However, there are many alternative food delivery apps available in Mexico – both for making orders and for job opportunities. Some of the most popular food delivery apps in Mexico are Rappi, UberEats, and DiDi.

Instacart Is Currently Still Not Available in Mexico

Instacart is a US-based food & grocery delivery company that is partnering with retailers and shops from all 50 states. It is present in more than five thousand cities in North America, but it is not present in any other country besides the USA and Canada. So if you were wondering whether Instacart is available in Mexico, you should know that the answer to this question is negative.

Instacart does not operate outside North America, and there is no news about whether it will soon be available in some new countries. It is still not available in Europe and countries such as France or perhaps the United Kingdom, or any other country outside North America.

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Rappi Is a South American Delivery App Most Similar to Instacart

Food and grocery delivery apps are super popular in Mexico, and there are numerous apps you can choose from. Every app is unique in its own way, and they all have their differences – however, Rappi is the one that has the most similarities with Instacart. Rappi is a Colombian-based app that offers various kinds of delivery services.

They offer food delivery from a wide range of restaurants, grocery shopping from local retailers, liquor store delivery, and many other services. They also offer job positions for people who wish to have a flexible job with a steady income.

Which Countries Is Rappi Available In?

Just like Instacart is only available in North America, Rappi is available only in South America. In the past few years, the company started spreading from its home base in Colombia to eight more countries in Southern America. Countries, where the Rappi delivery app operates, are:

  • Mexico,
  • Costa Rica,
  • Peru,
  • Ecuador,
  • Chile,
  • Argentina,
  • Uruguay,
  • Brazil.

UberEats Also Operates in Cities Across Mexico

If you wish to use a food delivery service that you are already familiar with – you might be interested to learn that UberEats is available in Mexico. UberEats is known for being one of the biggest food delivery platforms in the world, and it is no surprise that it also operates in Mexico as well. The app helps you find food delivery and pickup options from a wide selection of places to eat in Mexico, and you can choose from a number of spots in your nearby area.

UberEats Is Available in Lots of Cities and Regions in Mexico

UberEats was first introduced to Mexico City, as it is the capital and largest city of Mexico. However, later it was introduced to many other cities and regions across the country. Some of the cities in Mexico where you can order UberEats are Buenavista, Chiautla Coyotepec, Colonia Los Cedros, Atlanta de Victoria, and Alborada Jaltenco.

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DiDi Food Delivery App Is the Most Downloaded App in Mexico

If you are the person who most trusts the rankings on social media and the internet in general, you will probably be interested in trying out the most downloaded food delivery app in Mexico. The DiDi Delivery app is quite famous in South America, but the app belongs to a Chinese multinational company, and it is present in countries all over the world.

Currently, DiDi Food delivery operates in the United States, Japan, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, and Colombia. In the table below you can see that the DiDi app takes first place on the list of most downloaded food apps in Mexico.

1DiDi Food: Express deliveryDiDi Global
2RappiRappi, Inc – Delivery
3Mi OXXOCadena Comercial OXXO
4Uber Eats: Food DeliveryUber Technologies, Inc.
5McDonald’s Offers and DeliveryArcos Dorados
6TaDa Delivery de Bebidas MXZX Ventures
7Little CaesarsLittle Caesar Enterprises, Inc.
8KFC MéxicoBruno Mendiburu
9Domino’s Pizza MéxicoALSEA
10Starbucks MéxicoStarbucks Coffee Company

Mexican Food Is Super Popular on Instacart App

Although Instacart is not available in Mexico or any other Southern American country, Mexican food is quite popular on Instacart. If you have Instacart in your city and wish to try out some Mexican goods, Instacart offers a wide variety of delicious Mexican food and groceries.

You can order all the important groceries you need for making the most delicious tacos, enchiladas, or tasty chicken quesadillas. Simply download your Instacart app, make an account and see which shops offer you the best range of Mexican products. We highly recommend checking out some of these next few popular retailers:

  • Sprouts Farmers Market,
  • FoodMaxx,
  • Costco,
  • Safeway,
  • Lucky Supermarkets,
  • Grocery Outlet,
  • Smart & final,
  • Cardenas markets.

Now You Know Which Apps You Should Use While in This Country

Hopefully, this short article was useful for you and helped you learn which food delivery apps are best in Mexico. If you are planning to visit this country, we highly recommend you try out some of the apps I’ve suggested in the paragraphs above. Food delivery has become immensely popular in Mexico in the past few years, and you might even be surprised by the number of delivery apps operating in this country and nearby regions.

However, once you go back to the US or Canada – you can continue enjoying your Instacart app and groceries from your local retailers. Experimenting with food delivery apps is always recommended, so you can find out which one of them suits your preferences the best.