How To Instacart In The Morning?

Choosing the best time to begin accepting Instacart orders can be difficult. Most Instacart shoppers avoid beginning their deliveries before noon. But, if you want to get Instacart batches more easily, the morning is the most optimal time for Instacart shoppers. Read our article and find out how to Instacart in the morning.

If you want to Instacart in the morning, start accepting batches as early as 6:30 and shop once the stores open at 7 or 8 AM. The best shoppers communicate with customers, carry out deliveries quickly and select batches that will pay off.

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How To Instacart In The Morning?

You can begin shopping for Instacart once the stores in your area open. There might be different opening hours for some stores, but most would open around 7-8 AM. The batches can appear on the screen a lot earlier so you can pick them up. Therefore, you need to start early in the morning, about 6 AM.

You should be prepared to be flooded with big orders. The customers who request delivery service in the morning are most commonly old retired people, and they like to buy in bulk. Therefore you can expect to get good tips and be properly paid.

What is more, during the weekends, the traffic slows down, so you’ll be able to get to the grocery stores quickly by car. However, in the early mornings during rush hours, it might be more difficult to accomplish everything by driving a car. It’s best to opt for driving an electric scooter or a bicycle in this case.

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You Can Focus On Just A Couple Of Stores

Once you become an experienced shopper and start accepting early-morning batches on a regular basis, it will be possible to start focusing on delivering from only a couple of stores. Regular customers will start requesting the same orders so you can plan where you will be driving and how much time you will need for a particular batch.

In case you get some new and unexpected orders, it’s still going to be manageable if you are familiar with particular stores. We recommend specializing in a couple of the most popular stores. Instacart is most used for Walmart, Costco, CVS, and Publix.

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Communicate With Your Customers

A successful Instacart shopper needs to communicate with the customers at all times. Your morning batches will go smoothly if you message the customers as soon as you begin working on their requests. In case of traffic jams, lines at the supermarket checkout, or problems on the road, you should let the customers know all the details. Don’t forget to message the customer in case you must replace a certain product. When the supermarket is out of stock, you should ask the customer what should be bought instead.

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Try To Speed Up Your Shopping

A great way to improve your Instacart rating and be a pro morning shopper is by making sure that the customers receive their orders as fast as possible. It’s best not to spend a lot of time purchasing items and looking through supermarket aisles. Find the quickest checkout line. Download the best apps that will help you choose the fastest routes to the customer’s location. Some apps such as Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps can inform you of possible traffic congestion so you can plan out the best route in advance.

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How Can You Increase Your Earnings As An Instacart Shopper?

Anyone can be an Instacart shopper, but the ones that stand out have implemented a specific method of purchasing, driving, and delivering using the app. Here are the tips that you need to follow in order to become one of the best:

  • Make sure that you are selective – Don’t think that declining batches is wrong. Sometimes there are too many items in a particular order, or the customer lives far away from the store. It’s best to pick the orders that would truly pay off.
  • Use the promotions for shoppers – There are certain promotions and bonuses for shoppers that manage to complete a specific number of deliveries in a particular time frame. Use the bonuses to your advantage if you want to increase earnings. The bonuses function the same for Uber Eats and DoorDash drivers.
  • Select shifts during peak hours – There is a great pay boost for deliveries during the so-called peak times. The Instacart app will allow you to see when the peak hours are so you can schedule your shift accordingly.

Having Trouble With The App? Contact The Customer Service

Instacart shoppers can run into challenges and difficulties during their shifts. In case you want to contact Instacart, you will need to reach out to the company’s customer service. Here is how to do it.

Step 1Open your Instacart app
Step 2Find the Contact Us option
Step 3Tap to begin a live chat

There are two options that don’t require the shopper to use the application. The first option is to find the Contact Us option on the Instacart website, where you can talk to one of their representatives via live chat; the other option is to call the number of their customer service, which is (888) 317-8968.

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Is It Worth Shopping For Instacart In The Morning?

The shoppers that can benefit the most from working early mornings are the ones who want to accept batches during the weekdays. There are fewer shoppers who are available in the morning, so a few “early birds” can get the best batches of the day. It’s also a great way to earn additional cash and focus on a few stores that regular customers usually order from. It’s definitely worth it to shop for Instacart in the morning, especially because there is less competition.

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Are You Ready To Start Shopping For Instacart In The Morning?

Use the opportunity when most shoppers are unavailable and select the largest batches early in the morning. Ensure that you keep in touch with your customers, shop as fast as you can and select deliveries that will be worth it in the end. In case you run into problems or difficulties, call Instacart customer service. Mornings might be the best time for earning the most money if you make sure to treat Instacart like a regular job and get regular customers.