Is Instacart in Puerto Rico?

There is no denying, Instacart has gained popularity throughout North America as the best delivery service app. Grocery shopping has never been as easy as today, all thanks to a user-friendly app and fast shoppers. But where is Instacart used? Is Instacart in Puerto Rico? Get all the valuable information in our article.

No, Instacart is not available in Puerto Rico. Instacart customers and shoppers still cannot use the delivery service anywhere and everywhere. The app still operates in just 5,500 cities in Canada and the USA.

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Is Instacart in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rican cities are not on the list of cities where Instacart shoppers can deliver groceries to customers. The use of the application is focused on cities in the USA and Canada for now.

Locations where one can use the app, are urban and rural areas. The most popular destinations where Instacart is the top delivery app are New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, and Boston. There are also small communities in Nevada, Wisconsin, and Spring Creek that also have access to the services.

Even though the application has not made its way to Puerto Rico just yet, there is still hope that it will soon expand. Instacart is high in demand and constantly growing, so it wouldn’t be surprising that Puerto Rico soon gets the chance to use the app.

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What Delivery Apps Can You Use In Puerto Rico Instead Of Instacart?

There are many applications intended for food and grocery delivery in Puerto Rico. Even though not every town in the country is covered, all the major towns have at least two or three applications that the customers can use. San Juan is the place that is the most covered since there are many restaurants and eateries offering delivery services. Here is a table with all the applications you can use in this country.

ApplicationWhat should you know?
Uber EatsThe most popular app in Puerto Rico is Uber Eats. It offers fast delivery from local restaurants. The areas it covers are the San Juan area, including Bayamon, Caguas, Carolina, and Trujillo Alto.
DoorDashEven though DoorDash has recently arrived in Puerto Rico, they feature numerous restaurants on its app. They cover only the San Juan Metro Area. There are always special offers and promotions, and paying for DoorDash is very simple.
UVAIf you wish to use a local food delivery company, then you can use UVA. They are available in the San Juan Metro Area, where they pick up from almost all restaurants. They also deliver non-food products like hair products, board games, and medicine.
MunchiesA delivery service that operates on the west coast of Puerto Rico is called Munchies. They offer deliveries from well-known restaurants like Little Caesars, Chilis, and Subway but also from local restaurants. The areas where it’s available are Mayaguez, Anasco, Aguadilla, Rincon, and Cabo Rojo.

How Can You Check Whether Instacart Has Arrived In Your Area?

There is a simple way you can always be in the loop about whether Instacart has come to your area. You don’t always have to check on their website. What you should do is:

  • First, go to the Instacart locations page,
  • Type in the free spaces your postal code or your ZIP code,
  • The last step is to click on the option “Get notified when we expand to your area” and leave your information so as to get all the important updates.

Who Can Get a Job as A Shopper For Instacart?

Customers, as well as individuals who want to work in delivery, can benefit from the application arriving in their area. There are a couple of requirements that need to be met in order to work for the company as in-store shoppers. The first requirement is to be 18 years old. But, in case you want to deliver alcohol, then you will have to be 21 in certain states.

The second requirement is to be physically strong enough to lift 30 pounds. Additionally, one needs to have a smartphone, pass a background check, and have savings as well as a checking account.

Those that desire to be full-service shoppers require a driver’s license, a car, and a set of insulated bags. Insulated bags are required since you will need them for keeping at least four standard-size grocery bags.

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How Can You Sign Up And Become An Instacart Shopper?

Once the company starts operating in your area, don’t miss the opportunity to begin the process of becoming an Instacart shopper. You should download a Shopper app, and there you will be asked to provide information such as your location and name and let the company run a background check. This background check is similar to the one that shoppers get when they want to register for Uber Eats. Then, you will be permitted to pick up delivery gigs, shop at the best stores for Instacart shoppers, communicate with customers, and reach out to the help team.

The future in-store shoppers are obliged to attend an orientation session in the application, which is designed to be an onboarding process. Finally, you will be obliged to register an Instacart payment card. The shoppers have to pay with a preloaded card if they want to buy customers’ items. The brand new shoppers will receive their payment card in five or seven days.

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Get To Know The Perks Of Instacart Until It Reaches Puerto Rico?

Across the USA and Canada, one can use Instacart in 5,500 cities, but Puerto Rican cities are not featured on the list. Even though it still hasn’t arrived on the island, the fact that DoorDash and Uber Eats made their way to Puerto Rico makes it safe to say that in the near future, at least San Juan will get Instacart. For now, Instacart is in California, Hawaii, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and many more states. Check whether your location is featured on their website by visiting the locations page.