Is There Instacart in France?

In the past few years, people in the US have become great fans of food and grocery delivery apps, such as Instacart. But, some of you may be wondering if such an app is available in Europe, or more specifically, is Instacart in France? Let’s find out.

The Instacart app is not available for users in France. As a matter of fact, Instacart is not available in any country in Europe. If you are currently in France and wish to order some food and groceries, you will have to opt for some alternative apps for delivery.

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While you might be able to use Instacart in California, what happens when you leave the country? In case you are planning on visiting France or even relocating there, you might be interested in reading this article which will answer some of your questions regarding the availability of this app in Europe.

There Is No Instacart in France

If you plan on relocating to “La France” or perhaps organizing a holiday there, you might be interested in knowing whether Instacart is available there. If you are a great fan of this helpful app which allows you to use food and grocery delivery services, I have to disappoint you by letting you know it is unavailable in France. The Instacart app is not available in any country in Europe.

Which Countries Is Instacart App Available In?

So, now that you know that the Instacart food and grocery delivery app is unavailable in France, you may be wondering, where is it available? Instacart serves households across the United States of America and Canada. The delivery and pickup services are available in countless cities in North America.

If you want to know whether it is available in your area, you can simply find out by visiting their website and going to the locations page. There you can enter your ZIP or postal code and see if you are eligible to use the app’s services. Instacart is working hard to spread its services across every area of the country – so even if it’s unavailable in your town, it doesn’t mean it won’t be sometime soon.

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There Are Other Delivery Platforms in France You Can Use

Just because Instacart is not available in France, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use food & grocery delivery services at all. France has other alternatives for these services, which you can try out. If you are considering which apps for delivery to use when in France, I would recommend using some of the official top three platforms. In the table below, you can see which ones they are and what makes them so special.

NameKey Features
UberEats●      Number one digital platform in France
●      Covers a majority of French regions
●      Cashless transactions and expected delivery times
●      You can order both food & groceries
The Deliveroo●      Works with a great number of restaurants
●      Fast delivery options
●      Lots of coupons on offer
●      User-friendly app
The Stuart APP●      Present in more than 100 cities
●      Offers excellent services in large metropolises
●      Fast delivery options and high food quality

What Can You Use Your Instacart App For?

In order to use an app in the best way possible, you should inform yourself about all of its features and the options it offers. Instacart app lets you shop at your favorite markets, schedule deliveries, and receive your order wherever you are. The app partners with more than 900 retailers and trusted shoppers who will make your life so much easier.

Although Instacart is not available in France, French food is quite popular on Instacart. If you wish to make a real French dinner with products from France, Instacart will gladly help you with it. For example, if you wish to bring the taste of France to your home, these are my recommendations for the best Instacart stores:

  • From Costco, you can order a signature French country bread,
  • In Safeway, you will be able to find a wide variety of French cheese,
  • At Sprouts Farmers Market, you can get some authentic French Ice Cream / Van Leeuwen,
  • Total Wine & More offers some incredible French wines,
  • From the Grocery Outlet, you can get delicious French macarons from Pasquier.

How to Sign Up for the Instacart App

In order to use this incredible app, you must sign up for an account through the Instacart website or an iOS or Android phone. You can sign up with your email address, Google profile, or Facebook authentication. Instacart will allow you only to have one personal account per household, but you can use a secondary one for your business.

Instacart Also Offer Job Opportunities

In case you are looking for a side job that will help you start earning some decent income, why not consider applying for the “Instacart Shopper” job? As an Instacartshopper, you can earn quick money, work on your own schedule and become a part of a fast-growing community. Shopping for Instacart is a job with many benefits and is a perfect position for anyone looking for a flexible weekend, weekday, after-school, and temporary job.

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Sign Up for the Instacart Newsletter if You Wish to Get Updated Regularly

If you are a proud user of Instacart and you love hearing about some new updates about this company and its offers, you should sign up for their newsletter. Instacart has a blog where they share all the latest company updates and news about their offers and features.

If you are eager to discover which country will soon welcome Instacart, keep yourself updated on their official blog. It is also a useful app for people who work for Instacart, as they can read about peak earnings and useful tips and tricks that will help them be more efficient at work. If you are interested in learning more about the company, read some news on their website, and sign up for the newsletter.