Is Instacart in the UK?

In the past few years, food and grocery delivery apps have become increasingly popular among people from all over the world. In the US, one of the most popular platforms for grocery delivery is Instacart. Many people wonder, Is Instacart in the UK, or perhaps some other European country? If you want more information about the availability of this interesting app, keep reading this short and helpful article.

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Instacart is still unavailable in the United Kingdom, and there has yet to be an official announcement if it will be any time soon. However, there are many alternatives to Instacart in the UK, and you will surely enjoy some of them. If you need an app similar to Instacart, try Deliveroo.

Is Instacart in the UK? – The Answer Is No

Instacart has become a popular app in the US and Canada in the past decade. This interesting app allows you to order groceries from local retailers and deliver them to your front door. At this moment, Instacart has 9.6 million active users, all residing in North America and working with US-based retailers such as Walmart. Instacart is currently only operating in the US and Canada and no other country – meaning it is not operating in the UK.

There Is No News About Instacart Coming to the UK

You might have heard something about Instacart coming to the United Kingdom, which is probably why you are asking this question. However, there have yet to be any official announcements from the company. At this point, it has yet to be known whether Instacart will spread its platform to users from other continents and countries.

At this moment, only England Instacart is operating in England in Arkansas, but you shouldn’t get those two mixed up. If you want to be the first to get the news about Instacart coming to some new country, be free to sign up for their newsletter. You will get all the latest updates on the app and its community there.

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A UK Delivery App, Deliveroo, Is Similar to Instacart

If you are perhaps planning to move to the UK or go on a holiday there, you might be interested in finding out which delivery apps you can use during your stay there. The UK has many food and grocery delivery platforms that are very popular among Britains.

However, only some are similar to Instacart.A “UK version” of Instacart is a Deliveroo app, which has all the key features of Instacart, and they are very similar. Deliveroo is a British online food & grocery delivery platform founded in London, England, in 2013.

Deliveroo Has Great Features and a User-Friendly Software

Deliveroo is one of the biggest platforms in the UK for many great reasons. The app itself is very user-friendly and has around eight million active users, most of which are based in the UK.

The app operates in nearly 800 towns all over the world. One of the two main characteristics that have made it so popular and successful is accessibility & convenience. The apps offer many great features that help Deliveroo remain user-friendly and useful, such as:

  • You can order food from various restaurants and groceries from local stores,
  • They offer programs for workplace food for business companies,
  • You can purchase gift cards for your loved ones,
  • If you are a frequent user, you will be rewarded with great discounts,
  • They offer job opportunities for people who like flexible work hours,
  • You can track your food in real-time while it is on its way,
  • They have an option for contact-free delivery work,
  • If you need a membership plan, you can subscribe to Deliveroo Plus.

There Are Many Great Food Delivery Apps in the UK

As I have mentioned above, Deliveroo is a UK-based app that is the most similar to Instacart regarding delivery options and key features. However, plenty of other food delivery apps are available for you to choose from. The UK market is full of various delivery apps that help you order food from many restaurants.

Not only do these apps let you use their great features, but most of them offer job opportunities as well. In case you need a side job while in the UK, working for these companies can be useful. In the table below, you can find some of the most popular food delivery platforms you might want to try while in the UK.

NameKey Feature
Just Eat●      It is thought to be the best food delivery app,
●      Friendly interface,
●      You can order food or get take-out,
●      Seamless user experience.
Hungry House●      The app allows you to search for restaurants in your nearby area,
●      More than 10,000 partnering restaurants,
●      Small fees for couriers,
●      Delivery and takeaway are available.
UberEat●      One of the world-known food delivery platforms,
●      Ranked as one of the 10 best restaurant apps in London,
●      Good choice of restaurants and cafes,
●      Advanced GPS for tracking orders,
●      Second most downloaded app in the UK.
Zomato●      One of the most popular in London,
●      You can look through reviews before ordering,
●      100% client-focused service,
●      Lots of discount codes available.
Domino’s Pizza●      The biggest pizza delivery service in London,
●      User-friendly interface,
●      You can create your pizza on the app,
●      Different ways of payment (cash, card, or PayPal).

Whether You Want to Order Food or Groceries, You Will Find Lots of Options in the UK

If you are on vacation in the UK or are relocating to this beautiful country, the last thing you should worry about is which grocery delivery app to use. The UK has many food delivery platforms, and they all work perfectly. You might have already used some of them and are probably familiar with them.

Online food delivery is super popular in the UK, so you will be happy with the apps on offer. It will make ordering from local restaurants and tasting British food much easier, and you can avoid long queues in retail stores and save time for yourself. I believe you are going to find these apps super helpful and exciting.