Is there Uber in Rio de Janeiro?

Are you going to Rio to see the worlds’ most beautiful carnival or are you there for travels, samba and beautiful beaches? Rio is an enormous city, and we will tell you how to get around it.

Yes, there is Uber in Rio de Janeiro, and it is one of the safest ways to get where you want to go. The base fare for Uber X and Uber Flash is BRL1.66 ($0.31) with a price of BRL0.13 ($0.02) per minute and BRL1.17 ($0.22) per KM.

Stay tuned as we are about to tell you how to venture around the city as smooth as possible.  

How to Get a Free Uber Ride in Rio de Janeiro?

Just being a new Uber member means that your first ride or your first few rides will be discounted or even free. And if you get recommended to Uber by someone who already has an app, you both will get a few bucks to your account to use on your next ride.

Is There Uber XL in Rio de Janeiro?

Sadly Uber XL is not available in Rio de Janeiro, so if you are a group of 5, you will have to consider another type of transport if you would want to ride all together or split into two groups.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Rio de Janeiro?

Uber in Rio de Janeiro is very costless; it is affordable, comfortable, and enjoyable. Traveling with Uber will not cost you more than $20.00 for a longer ride and $3-$10.00 for shorter rides with Uber X.

Uber Minimum Fare in Rio de Janeiro?

The minimum fare for Uber X and Uber Flash is BRL7.62 ($1.41) Uber Comfort base fare is BRL9.25 ($1.71) and  Uber Black base fare is BRL10.50 ($1.95)

Uber Comfort’s base fare is BRL2.50 ($0.46) with a price of BRL0.18 ($0.03) per minute and BRL1.70 ($0.31) per KM. Uber Black base fare is BRL4.00 ($0.75) with a price of BRL0.23 ($0.04) per minute and BRL2.31 ($0.43) per KM.

How Much Does Uber Cost From Santos Dumont International Airport to Central Rio de Janeiro?

Uber X and Uber Flash will cost you around BRL7.35 ($1.35) Uber Comfort will be around BRL11.70 ($2.15) and Uber Black will be around BRL15.20 ($2.80) for the same trip.

How Much Does Uber Cost From Tom Jobim International Airport to Central Rio de Janeiro?

Uber X and Uber Flash will cost around BRL31.00 ($5.75) Uber Comfort will be around BRL40.20 ($7.42) and Uber Black will be BRL52.40 ($9.67) for the same trip.

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost in Rio de Janeiro?

Uber X and Uber Flash will charge you BRL57.11 ($10.55) Uber Comfort will be around BRL62.04 ($11.45) and Uber Black will charge you around BRL80.00 ($14.80) for a 30-minute trip.

Keep in mind that these prices are only the estimates and that they may differ depending on the route you are taking, the longevity of your travel, or the traffic.

Can You Pay Cash With Uber in Rio de Janeiro?

Yes, you can pay cash in Uber Rio de Janeiro. The app will ask for your CPF number and the date of your birth. Once you have filled up those areas, you are good to go. You can also pay with your Credit/Debit card or via your PayPal account.

Giving a tip to your driver is much appreciated in Brazil, and you can do your tip on the card or give cash.  

What’s Cheaper In Rio de Janeiro Uber Or Taxi?

Uber has pretty much the same pricing as the regular taxis in Rio de Janeiro. Taking an Uber will undoubtedly be more comfortable and easier as you put in your drop off location within the app and you get your price estimate when you order your favorite Uber.

How Safe Is Uber in Rio de Janeiro?

Even though Uber had many difficulties when it first appeared there, it is one of the safest car services around town. So taking an Uber should feel perfectly safe when going around Rio de Janeiro.

Is Uber Safe at Night in Rio de Janeiro?

When going around Rio at night, you should consider taking an Uber or a Taxi as Rio’s streets tend to feel a bit scary. Taking an Uber in Rio at night will be one of the safest options that you can go to.

How Reliable Is Uber in Rio de Janeiro?

Uber in Rio is very reliable and will be at your service at any time of day or night. You will most certainly get an Uber at any location within Rio’s Uber area.

Can You Pre Book Uber in Rio de Janeiro?

Yes, pre-booking an Uber is an available option in Rio de Janeiro. So if you want your ride to be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive, and if you know the arrival time, you can pre-book it even before you board-in, and the ride will wait for you at the right terminal.

Can Uber Operate Outside of Rio de Janeiro?

Uber operates in more than 120 cities all around Brazil, so going to another town with Uber shouldn’t be an issue. But going back to Rio with Uber might be an issue, as you will not find an Uber in the cities where Uber is not operating, but if you travel to an Uber city, getting back to Rio shouldn’t be a problem.  

How Do I Contact Uber in Rio de Janeiro?

If you go to your Uber app and click the “Help” section, you can type in the issues you’re having or go to the “All topics” section and select the answer to your question to read more and fix your problem.

If you’ve lost an item, you can go to the Help section, select I lost an item, then “Contact driver about a lost item,” and you will get all the right information on how to contact your driver and set up a meeting for a return.