How To Instacart In The Snow?

Instacart shoppers can face a lot of challenges when delivering groceries to their customers. From regular traffic jams to crowded stores, misunderstandings with the customer, and harsh weather conditions, deliveries can sometimes be incredibly hard. Read our article on how to Instacart in the snow so as to make your deliveries less stressful.

If you want to Instacart in the snow like a pro, you should always prepare your vehicle for a safe drive on icy and snow-covered roads. Communicate with your customers throughout the entire process, have an emergency kit, and plan out your route.

Street covered with snow

How To Instacart In The Snow?

When the snow starts falling, most people avoid doing errands and going outside. During winter months, Instacart deliveries reach an all-time high since many customers are more willing to pay for online grocery delivery services. Instacart shoppers have an opportunity to make money for the deliveries and receive good tips.

However, one should know how to safely deliver groceries in the snow before accepting any orders. You should know how to prepare your vehicle, what to wear and how to drive cautiously. Follow our tips and prepare to deliver in the snow like a pro.

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Tip 1 – Prepare Your Vehicle

During winter, one needs to be prepared for icy roads and possible snowstorms. Shoppers should avoid carrying out their deliveries on bikes or electric scooters – it’s best to drive a car. Before simply getting into your car and driving, follow our list below and prepare your vehicle for a safe drive:

  • Make sure that you check the brakes and fluid levels,
  • Ensure that you have enough antifreeze
  • Check whether the batteries are charged,
  • Don’t risk the fuel line freezing, keep the gas tank always half full,
  • Make sure that the defroster and heater and functioning correctly,
  • Have a look at the windshield wiper, make sure that there is enough washer fluid,
  • Change the tires if you don’t have tires that are approved for driving in now,
  • Chain your tires if you want an extra line of safety.

Tip 2 – Have An Emergency Kit

Unpredictable situations can happen, and Instacart shoppers have to be prepared for any type of scenario. That is why an emergency kit is important when delivering during the snow. Your emergency kit should include a shovel, flashlight, tow chain, windshield scraper, booster cables, snacks, water bottles, fluorescent distress flag, extra mittens, and socks.

Person standing in snow holding a shovel

Tip 3 – Dress According To The Weather Conditions

If you plan on delivering long hours, you need to be appropriately dressed. We recommend wearing a couple of layers of loose-fitting clothes. Avoid putting on any heavy layers of clothing. Bear in mind that you need to have mittens if you need to clear our snow and wear boots that will prevent your feet from getting wet. Don’t forget to wear a hat, hood or a beanie.

Woman wearing winter clothing

Tip 4 – Communicate With Your Customers

Keep the customer informed throughout the entire process. Use the app to tell the customer of the weather conditions and if problems occurred during the delivery. Don’t keep them in the dark about the entire process, especially if you’ll be arriving late to their location. When you text them, you can elaborate more on the issues that you’ve encountered. This might be crucial if you want to earn a higher tip.

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Tip 5 – Be Informed About The Weather Conditions

Roads can be incredibly difficult to navigate in case there is a lot of snow on them. The safest way you can carry out deliveries is by knowing what roads to take and what routes to avoid. But, if you want to become a top Instacart shopper in difficult weather conditions, you should download navigation apps that will help you. Have a look at our list of best apps for Instacart shoppers who drive in the snow.

WazeWaze is intended for users who want to be informed about road and traffic conditions. It will alert users about hazards, congestion, and police.
Drive WeatherDrive Weather is the best app for planning a safe route. It collects information from weather forecasts and is useful when searching for the safest routes.
USA Traffic and WeatherThe app collects information about the weather from the Yahoo website. It uses weather forecasts and traffic updates to provide tips on which route is the safest and fastest.

When Is The Best Time To Drive In Snow For Instacart?

In case you want to handle the task of driving in snow, it’s best to do it when most of the Instacart shoppers start requesting orders. The best time to drive for Instacart is on the weekends. Most Instacart users are highly active on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. We recommend starting in the morning as soon as the grocery stores open. You will have a great chance of getting orders if you log into the app on time. Prepare to drive all day on the weekends since the orders don’t decrease after 2 p.m like Uber Eats orders.

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What Should You Do If You Run Into Difficulties?

Don’t hesitate to ask for help in case you have difficulties getting on time for your orders of managing the roads. A great way to speed up the process of shopping at grocery stores is by asking the employees to help you. They can collect all the products you need so you won’t waste time shopping. Also, you can search for Instacart shopper groups and ask for more information on what they do to make their errands more effortless. You can even get information on which stores accept EBT on Instacart and how to increase your tips.

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Ready To Start Delivering For Instacart In Snow?

Even though it might seem complex and difficult, driving for Instacart can be simple if you prepare properly. You should always check your vehicle for all the necessary equipment, wear appropriate clothing, and have an emergency kit. The key to earning money on Instacart is getting good tips, so make sure that you communicate with the customers. Plan out the stores you are going to drive to and what routes will be the safest. In case you encounter difficulties, ask for help from other Instacart shoppers.