Uber In Mexico: Can I Uber From Cancun To Tulum?

Tulum has become one of the hottest vacation spots in Mexico. Situated on the farthest point of the Yucatan Peninsula, it’s just a couple hundred kilometers north of Cancun- Mexico’s premier luxury city on the beach.

Tulum offers natural beauty, exotic architecture, and a traditional experience that you won’t find at Cancun’s modern luxury resorts. To get to Tulum, you’ll need transportation from the Cancun International Airport to Tulum.

The only question is, can you get an Uber from Cancun to Tulum? 

Yes, you can take an Uber from Cancun to Tulum. Taking an Uber is usually the cheapest (and safest) way to get from the bustling city of Cancun to the tranquil beaches of Tulum. The prices may vary, but overall, your trip should be reasonably priced, comfortable, and safe. 

I recently took a trip to Tulum myself, so I had to figure the process out for myself once my flight landed in Cancun. Thankfully, the process was a lot simpler than I thought, and there were plenty of Ubers who were more than willing to give me a ride. In today’s post, I’m going to attempt to answer all of the questions I’ve received about my experience and show you how to do the same. 

Ubering From Cancun To Tulum: What To Expect 

During the pandemic, luxury resorts and airlines were offering incredible deals to travelers who wanted to pre-book a vacation to use after the pandemic/lockdown ended. I decided “why not?” and booked my vacation at a fraction of the price that it would usually cost (cheers to saving money, right?) 

The one thing that I didn’t account for was how I was going to get from Cancun International Airport (where everybody visiting Tulum must land) to my resort in Tulum. Initially, I had planned on renting a car and driving myself. However, I didn’t want to attract too much attention to myself given the country’s recent political climate and turmoil. So, I decided to go with Uber instead. 

As I hadn’t properly prepared for the experience ahead of time, I had to learn as I went along. I’ve had a good deal of experience Ubering in other countries, so thankfully, it wasn’t that much different than what I was used to. However, I’ve had a bunch of friends (who aren’t as familiar with Ubering in new places) ask me about the process and what they needed to be aware of. That being said, here’s my personal advice to everybody planning on taking an Uber from Cancun to Tulum. 

How Long Does It Take To Get From Cancun Tulum? 

Cancun is home to the area’s only international airport, meaning you’ll have to land there first if you want to get to Tulum. Due to Tulum’s more remote location, they don’t have any public airstrips in the area. 

Tulum is located 81 miles up the coast from Cancun. It will take you anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours to get to Tulum if you’re driving or riding in an Uber in normal traffic conditions. 

On a side note, there are buses for those who are more adventurous, but they tend to have broken A/C and are typically packed pretty tight. In my opinion, I’d rather pay a little bit extra for a more comfortable ride and have an entire backseat to myself. 

Can I Use My Credit/Debit Card To Pay For Uber In Mexico? 

Yes! All Uber payments are handled digitally. If your driver asks you to pay in cash, then the chances are that they’re trying to rip you off. This is a common “tourist trap” that many of my friends have come across in their travels to foreign countries. As long as your card is verified on your Uber account, your card network will take care of the currency exchange from your American dollars to Mexican pesos. 

The one piece of advice that I’d give new travelers is to contact your bank or credit card company the week before you go to Mexico. Just tell them that you’re going out of the country and ask them to approve all Mexican transactions for the duration of your vacation. Otherwise, you could end up having your payment declined if the bank thinks it’s a fraudulent charge. 

Can I Get An Uber From Tulum To Cancun International Airport? 

Yes, just as you can get an Uber from Cancun to Tulum, you can also book an Uber to get back to the airport once it’s time to end your stay in Tulum’s beachside resorts. That being said, it may be a bit harder to find an Uber since Tulum is a more rural area. If you need to be to the airport by a certain time, make sure that you allow extra time to find an Uber driver who can pick you up in Tulum. 

Is It Safe To Uber From Cancun To Tulum?

Yes, Cancun and Tulum are regarded as some of Mexico’s wealthiest areas due to their tourism. This means that both the local police and the cartels do everything in their power to protect tourists and visitors from falling into trouble. If something bad were to happen, all of the local businesses (and the groups behind them) would lose money. 

However, I wouldn’t venture too far inland. Stick with the major highways and try to stay in the general vicinity of your resort and the surrounding city. 

Will My Driver Speak English? 

Yes, most Uber drivers in Cancun/Tulum speak basic English. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems communicating the basics in regards to your transportation, tip, and payment. 

How Much Does It Cost To Uber From Cancun To Tulum? 

Although the ride from Cancun to Tulum is a lengthy hour-and-a-half drive, prices in Mexico are far lower than they are in the U.S. It only cost me $60 to get from Cancun to my resort in Tulum when I went. Of course, I gave the driver a generous 25% tip, but it was still a lot more affordable than I expected.