How to Uber from Miami Airport

If you’ve just arrived at Miami Airport and you’re feeling a little lost in the chaos, you may be wondering exactly how you can get where you need to be ASAP. Ordering yourself an Uber may be the quickest way to get to your destination affordably, so let’s explore how to Uber from Miami Airport. 

To Uber from MIA airport, start by heading to the lower Arrivals area of the airport. Once there, head to the middle curb where rideshare drivers are directed upon their arrival. At this point, you can open up your Uber app and order a car to bring you to your destination.

Miami Airport

There are, however, some tips that can make the whole process go easier. Departing from a long plane ride can be exhausting; Uber (as with Lyft) also allows you to customize your ride so that you can ride comfortably, opting for more legroom or other features. This blog will walk you through the best way to get an Uber from Miami airport.  

Is It Easy to Get an Uber From Miami Airport?

Yes, it is very easy to get an Uber pickup at Miami airport. You can find designated pickup areas for Uber rides on the first and second levels of the airport’s departure terminal. From there, simply request a ride via the app and wait for your driver to arrive. For added convenience, you can set your destination in advance so that your driver is ready to take you directly to your destination when they arrive.

How To Uber From Miami Airport

If you’re wondering how to Uber from Miami airport, the process is quite simple. First, make sure you’ve downloaded the Uber app and created an account. You can find it for both Android and iOS devices in their respective app stores.

Once you have the Uber app installed on your device, open it and enter your destination. You can select from any of the ride types available, such as UberX or UberXL. When you’re ready to request your Miami airport Uber pickup, tap the “Set Pickup Location” button and select “Miami International Airport.” You’ll then be asked to confirm which terminal you’d like to be picked up at. Select the terminal that matches your flight information and tap “Confirm.”

Where to Get Uber at Miami Airport?

Larger airports tend to have different rules about where you can be met by a rideshare driver. There are no such issues when it comes to how to Uber from Miami airport. In fact, if you’re asking where to wait for Uber at Miami airport, just ensure you follow the signs. After you exit the terminal, simply follow the signs that read Ride App Pickup. These will lead you to the meeting area. 

In fact, Miami international airport Uber pickup is available at Level 1. Drivers wait at doors 1-5, 7, 11, 15, 20 and 23. Once you select your chosen ride from the app screen, you can even choose the precise pickup spot. 

Be sure to confirm the license plate of your driver when getting Uber in Miami airport and keep the app open until you’re inside the car in case you need assistance. Confirming the license plate will ensure that you’re safe because you can be sure that the driver has been background checked by Uber.

Usually, the driver who has been there the longest gets the first passenger. 

Uber to Miami Airport: Dropoffs

Drivers for Uber drop their clients off at the departures level of the terminal of their flight. If your plane is leaving for Kauai at Terminal C, then your driver will take you to door five, where the terminal is located. Dropoffs at Miami airport and uber pickup location are always the easier of the two at airports. 

It is incredibly important that all drivers keep their proper identification on their vehicles. For Uber, this is the decal on the vehicle. Any cars without the proper tags in the rideshare area will be, as is the case with most airports, including Newark Liberty Airport.

So, when wondering where is the Uber pickup at Miami international airport, be aware that Miami airport also offers what is known as a “rematch” service for drivers dropping off passengers. It matches them with a new traveler who has just departed a plane that they can collect. 

Uber Fares For Popular Miami Hotspots

When you arrive in Miami, surely you have a list of places you’ve heard about or read about online that are reputed to be some of the liveliest in the country. Surely the rhythm of the Cuban beats playing out of downtown are enough to entice you, and Uber allows you to ride in style. 

It should be noted that, during busy hours, the wait time may be increased by just a few minutes. Between 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m., the airport is at its busiest. 

You can always go with a standard Uber connect, but there are better, high-end options available. Here’s a list of prices. 

Downtown Miami$16$20$29
University Park$19$23$33
South Beach$20$25$35
North Miami$21$27$38
Miami Beach$22$26$38
Fort Lauderdale$45$47$80

Is Uber the Best Choice?

Uber rates are certainly better than that of a standard yellow cab, however, there are still other rideshare options if you’re not convinced.  There are also airport shuttles and busses that might work out to less, particularly if your ride is long. A Megabus to Fort Lauderdale, depending on the day, could come out to less than an Uber. 

What you’re really paying for, especially in a more high-end Uber at MIA, is the convenience and comfort of a proper ride from the airport. No one likes to deal with the stress of deplaning. Often, you’re worn out and jetlagged from the trip, the frustrations are only compounded if you have to confront an employee about lost luggage when you barely have the energy to think coherently. 

That’s why so many people have opted to pull out their rideshare apps the instant they’ve got their luggage in hand. The one thing they know they won’t have to worry about is the ride to the hotel. Uber’s drivers are carefully screened through a background check that has only gotten more stringent in recent years.