Is Uber in Kauai?

Do you want to vacation in Kauai? If you plan a trip, you might ask yourself, “Is Uber in Kauai?”

Uber is available in Kauai. This rideshare service is more reliable in populated tourist areas around Lihue. Uber is also readily available at the airport and the cruise ship port.


However, options can sometimes be sporadic due to the island being smaller than others. Still, in many cases, Uber is a convenient way to get to your destination.

Download the Uber app before your trip to Kauai so that you are all set to request a ride when you arrive. Using an Uber from the cruise ship port or airport is usually fast and efficient. As you move out of these tourist areas, Uber rides become more expensive and less available.

Is Uber in Kauai?

Uber is available on this Hawaiian island. At the cruise ship port and the Lihue airport (LIH), Ubers can take you where you want to go.

Kauai, which is 25 miles long and 33 miles wide, is impossible to drive completely around because of the jagged Na Pali Coast. Click here to see a map of the Kauai state roads and Highways. Kaui is a 533-square mile island. 

Driving in Kauai is easy, but since there are so many spectacular views of pristine beaches, vibrant tropical forests, and dramatic cliffs, it is worth sitting back and enjoying the ride on this scenic island in an Uber.

Speaking from personal experience, after arriving at the cruise ship port, an Uber came in less than 10-minutes to take our group to Kauai Backcountry Adventures to go tubing down on an old sugar plantation irrigation system.

Hiring an Uber is the most efficient way to get around if you plan to travel to this island on a cruise ship. Renting a car is often too time-consuming when you are only at the port for a few hours.

Distance to Get to Different Places in Kauai using Uber from the Cruise Ship Port

  • Waimea Canyon: about 1 hour (34 miles)
  • Kauai Backcountry Adventure: 12 minutes (4 miles)
  • Wailua Falls: 17 minutes (7 miles)
  • Kalapaki Beach: 2 minutes (0.6 miles)
  • Lydgate Beach Park: 11 minutes (7 miles)

Airport in Kauai

When flying into Lihue, there are Ubers ready to take you into town or to your accommodation. In addition, you can click here to reserve an Uber in advance from (LIH). From LIH, a trip to many of the hotels and resorts in the area costs about $15. A ride from the airport to Poipu costs about $35, and to Kapaa is under $30. Taking an Uber from the airport to the Princeville resort area costs around $65.

Uber Price Estimator

When planning your transportation around Kauai, using the Uber website can help you plan your trip by estimating prices. It also allows you to request NOW or schedule for LATER. You can book a trip up to 30-days in advance on Uber. To adhere to a budget, planning your transportation costs ahead of time is a great idea.

Benefits of Hiring an Uber

There are a variety of reasons you should choose to use an Uber while on vacation.

  • There is no need to rent a car and have to be responsible for driving. It is time to relax and not stress about paying attention to where you are going.
  • Instead of using a shuttle with other guests, taking an Uber means your party can keep to themselves.
  • There is no charge for luggage in an Uber. If you are a heavy packer, be sure to hire the right size car for your ride. Remember that an UberXL is the next size up from an UberX.
  • Uber drives take pride in keeping their vehicles clean and well-maintained. You can ride in style in an Uber.

Uber Eats In Kauai

Uber Eats delivers your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks from a large variety of restaurants in Lihue, Kauai. Once you decide which restaurant to order from, place your order. Then you can track its location by the minute until it arrives at your doorstep. When ordering at a hotel, Uber Eats delivers to the front reception. To learn about the “best hours for Uber Eats,” click here.

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