What Time Does Gopuff Stop Delivering?

Gopuff is essentially a convenience store delivery app, but Gopuff owns the warehouse where the convenience items are shipped from. This means Gopuff can set its own hours of operation rather than being reliant on the hours of third party vendors (ie. Doordash, Grubhub, etc.). So, what time does Gopuff stop delivering?

Gopuff delivers 24/7 in major cities, but usually stops delivering at 3AM in smaller cities or towns depending on demand. The best way to know when Gopuff stops delivering is to check the app as the hours vary depending on your location.

The rest of this article will go into detail about the operating hours of Gopuff and why sometimes it can be difficult to place an order with the app at night. 

Does Gopuff Stop Delivering?

Whether or not Gopuff ever stops delivering depends on the location and the staffing level in your area. For those that don’t know, Gopuff operates out of a centralized warehouse (or warehouses) in each city, which allows them to set their own hours like any other store. 

Gopuff in a big, busy city (ie. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc.) will typically have 24/7 delivery available in some parts of the city. Not all the warehouses in a major city will be open late at night, but at least one will, so you can somewhat safely order from Gopuff at any time in major cities.

On the other hand, smaller cities do not typically have enough customers or drivers for Gopuff to stay open late into the night, so the Gopuff locations in smaller cities typically close around 3AM or 4AM. 

When Does Gopuff Start Delivering?

Again, Gopuff in big cities is 24/7, so they never have to start delivering as they never close. Gopuff in smaller cities will typically start delivering anywhere from 8AM to 10AM – the smaller the city; the later they start delivering. 

Why Does Gopuff Say “Delivery Zone Closed” When I Try to Order?

The “Delivery Zone Closed” alert on Gopuff means that your current location is outside the Gopuff delivery radius. Gopuff wants all orders to be delivered within 30 minutes, so they will not deliver to certain parts of a city in order to meet their time requirement. 

This typically happens late at night as some Gopuff warehouses will close as the night gets later. If this happens to you, then you can either wait for the Gopuff zone to expand or move your location into an open delivery zone. 

You can also try waiting as sometimes Gopuff will close delivery zones when they do not have enough available drivers to quickly fill orders, but normally the app closes delivery zones because the warehouse serving a particular zone has closed for the night. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Gopuff is open 24/7 in major cities and closes around 3AM in smaller cities. However, it’s still possible that certain areas in big cities will be outside the Gopuff delivery zone late at night due to some Gopuff warehouses closing at night.