Is Gopuff Legit?

Food delivery apps have become increasingly popular over the past few years. This has spawned a whole range of apps ranging from legitimate apps to those that are considered scams by many. One of the delivery apps that has burst onto the scene is called Gopuff. There have been questions about the legitimacy of it, but there’s no need to fear.

Gopuff is a legitimate company. If you order products from Gopuff, then you will receive them. They also do pay their employees and independent contractors like a legitimate company.

This article will go into detail about the services offered on Gopuff and the legitimacy of the company.

Is Gopuff Legit?

Yes, Gopuff is legit. We define legit as:

  • Delivering orders or refunding them when failing to deliver them.
  • Paying employees and contractors. 
  • Having the proper business licenses to operate in the area.

We have read no reports or reviews about Gopuff failing to deliver orders nor failing to pay employees or contractors. 

The company is not nearly as well-known as other delivery apps because it focuses on convenience store items rather than restaurant food, but it is a legitimate, licensed company. 

What Does Gopuff Deliver?

Gopuff is essentially a convenience store that operates on a delivery-only basis. Some of the items they deliver include the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Snacks
  • Batteries
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Pet food and snacks
  • Rolling papers

Basically, if you can buy an item at CVS or Walgreens, then Gopuff probably delivers it. 

Why Do People Say Gopuff is Not Legit?

The overwhelming amount of complaints about Gopuff have nothing to do with the deliveries or (lack of) items available. Instead, the complaints usually come from drivers and the generally poor treatment and pay they receive from Gopuff. 

Common complaints against Gopuff include the following:

  • Lack of driver support.
  • Schedule shifts rather than the flexibility to pick your own shifts.
    • Drivers must choose a set shift instead of picking their own hours like with Uber.
  • Delivering from a centralized location.
    • Gopuff rents warehouses to store their items and has drivers deliver from the warehouse.
  • Lower pay than other delivery apps.
    • This mostly depends on the location.

Gopuff does subsidize drivers to minimum wage if they do not make minimum wage from deliveries, which is something that other delivery companies do not do.

To summarize, the complaints you read about Gopuff come from the drivers. Customers generally write positive reviews about the company

Is It Worth Delivering for Gopuff?

Gopuff has some benefits compared to other delivery apps like working from a centralized location (more downtime) and guaranteed hourly payment. However, they do require drivers to sign up for shifts a week in advance, which eliminates a lot of the freedom that other delivery apps provide drivers. 

It’s also important to note that your experience driving for Gopuff comes down to how well the warehouse you work for is managed. 

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, Gopuff is a legitimate company that delivers a variety of “convenience store” products (alcohol, batteries, cleaning supplies, snacks, etc.) to customers using the Gopuff app.

Gopuff will fulfill all orders and cancel any unfulfilled orders and they have licenses to sell any products that require a license (ie. alcohol).