How to Cancel Amazon Flex Block?

Amazon Flex is a program that Amazon has that allows drivers to deliver Amazon packages during set times called blocks. The driver chooses the block they want to deliver and then delivers around 40 packages in the block. Of course, sometimes stuff pops up and drivers need to cancel their block, how does one cancel an Amazon Flex block?

To cancel an Amazon Flex block sign into the Amazon Flex app 45 minutes before the scheduled start of the block and cancel it. It’s also possible to cancel a block up to five minutes before it starts, but this will have a negative impact on your account standing

The rest of this article will focus on the cancellation process of Amazon Flex blocks. 

Avoid Canceling Amazon Flex Blocks

It is possible to cancel Amazon Flex blocks – it’s actually pretty easy to do it in the app. However, this is something you should avoid doing unless absolutely necessary because Amazon will disable your account if you cancel too many blocks under 45 minutes before the start of the block. 

The exact number of blocks you can cancel before Amazon suspends your account is not known. But Amazon Flex drivers have been suspended for canceling 4 blocks with less than 45 minute notice. 

Amazon Flex will not suspend your account for canceling blocks if you do it 45 minutes or more before the start of the shift. So try to only cancel blocks with plenty of notice to keep your account in the best standing. 

Amazon Flex Disabled My Account, What Can I Do?

If Amazon Flex disabled your account for canceling too many blocks, then you have a few options:

  • Appeal the ban
    • They will send you an email informing you of the account suspension. This email should have a link to appeal your ban.
  • Create a new account
    • Some Amazon Flex drivers have reported success creating a new account Amazon Flex to get around an account suspension. This might work in the short term, but will likely fail when Amazon sees your  name and social security number.
  • Drive for another app.
    • The best option, in our opinion, is to cut your loses with Amazon and drive for another app. There are plenty of apps like Uber, Doordash, Gopuff, Instacart, and more that allow you to earn money by delivering passengers, food, or groceries. 

Are Amazon Flex Drivers Independent Contractors?

Yes, Amazon Flex drivers are considered independent contractors. This means the driver must pay self-employment tax and that Amazon will not withhold federal taxes. 

It’s a little strange because Amazon Flex drivers have to sign up for blocks (shifts), but they are still considered contractors. 

Final Thoughts

Amazon Flex blocks can easily be canceled in the app. It’s not a difficult process nor does Amazon require any valid reason for the cancellation of a block. However, you should be aware that canceling too many blocks without sufficient notice (45 minutes) will result in your Amazon Flex account being disabled. 

You should only cancel an Amazon Flex block with sufficient notice. Try to avoid canceling blocks at the last minute.