What Year Car Do I Need for Lyft

Lyft has been connecting drivers and people that need a ride for almost a decade now. But if you want to become a part of this platform, you should know what year car for Lyft you are required to have.

If you’re wondering what year car Lyft requires, you should know that Silicon Valley/San Jose and San Francisco require 2005 or newer. All the other cities in the US usually require a vehicle that is 2003 or newer. All Lyft cars must have four doors and be able to seat from five to eight people, the driver included.

While the most usual age for a car eligible for application is 2003, this information greatly varies between different parts of the country. Also, besides age, there are other requirements to be met, so let’s explain what you should prepare before you apply.

What Year Car for Lyft Fits Their Requirements?

This platform has various requirements for their drivers, and they should be met before you start earning from carpooling and giving a lift to someone else. So, what year of car does Lyft accept? In truth, the age of vehicles accepted to be able to work as a driver varies. Each city or area may have different conditions for your vehicle’s age, but the overall age should be 2003 or newer. If you’re not sure about this information and whether it applies to your state, check the prerequisites for your city specifically when applying.

Does California Have Different Lyft Requirements for Your Vehicle?

When looking at California, you’ll notice that they have somewhat more strict requirements when it comes to the age of the vehicle. But it varies from one city to another. For instance, if you want to be a member of the platform and work by driving people in Los Angeles, you are expected to meet several specific conditions. 

Vehicle requirementsYour car should be at least 2001 or newer, have four doors and five to eight seats (driver’s included). Additionally, you are expected to have a California license plate, and your vehicle must not be on the list of ineligible subcompact cars.
Driver requirementsThe driver is expected to have a valid California driver’s license (note that active military duty applicants have out-of-state documents). You should have at least one year of experience and be at least 25 or older. After you pass driver screening, you will also be expected to own a smartphone.
Needed documentsYour vehicle should have Californian insurance, and you are expected to apply with a driver’s profile photo. Also, prepare the proof of car inspection done recently.

But what is the oldest year car for Lyft if you’re a resident of the SF area or Silicon Valley? If you are in this area, your car should be 2005 or newer, and it shouldn’t be a taxi or a limousine.

What Cars Are Not Eligible for Lyft? High Safety Standards Are Applied to All Vehicles

The platform itself has high safety standards, and they are additionally combined with the requirements of any state or city where Lyft’s services are implemented. First and foremost, stretch limos and taxis are not eligible and will not be approved for use on this platform. The minimum and maximum for seats and seatbelts are five and eight, respectively, including the driver’s seat. Rental cars are not excluded; however, the platform requires the vehicles to be rented through the Express Drive program.

One of the Frequently Asked Questions Is How Does the Application Process Work for You and Your Vehicle

Once you have verified that you meet the conditions to become a driver on this platform, the application itself takes around 30 minutes or less. You’ll be asked to enter your mobile phone number and fill out basic information from documents such as the driver’s license. This is the first phase of the application.

After you’ve filed all the initial information about yourself, the next step is the vehicle inspection. If you’re using your own car, Lyft’s inspectors will ensure it’s ready for driving. In the end, they will also run a background check and review the driving history of each potential driver. The whole process takes about a couple of days to be completed.

Do You Want to Drive Lux, Lux Black, or Lux Black XL?

Lyft’s platform also offers luxury ride modes for drivers who qualify. These drivers can earn more through these ride modes while using their high-end vehicles. These are the examples of eligible cars:

  • The Lux mode is for high-end SUVs or sedans with a leather interior and four seats,
  • You are eligible for driving in the Black mode that is a premium service for black vehicles with leather interior and four seats.
  • Finally, Lux Black XL is a Premium SUV service with also a black exterior, luxury leather interior, and enough seating space for six passengers inside.

While Uber Is Still Quite Popular, Lyft’s Drivers Are Slowly Gaining Dominance

Lyft’s platform was launched about three years after Uber, and initially, it was a long-distance car-pooling business. Although being early in the industry gave Uber an advantage, Lyft’s services are on the rise, and they are slowly expanding and taking over the market. For now, it operates in almost 650 cities throughout the US and has reached 12 cities in Canada.