Is there Uber in Quito?

Are you planning a trip that leads you to Quito, the city that is the closest to the equator? And do you need a way to go around and explore it without having to go out and fetch a ride?

Yes, there is Uber in Quito, and it is one of the easiest ways of transport in Quito. Uber X, Uber Planet, and Uber Flash base fare is $0.50 with a price of $0.05 per minute and $0.22 per KM. Uber Comfort’s base fare is $0.65 with a price of $0.06 per minute and $0.30 per KM.

Read on to find out more and ride around the city0 with a minimum cost in your favorite car.

How to Get a Free Uber Ride in Quito?

You can easily get your discounted or free ride just by being a newbie. 

Uber gives a lot of promotions in the app for new riders with $20.00, $15.00, or $10.00 to use for the first couple of rides. The codes are NEWRIDER15, NEWRIDER15, or NEWRIDER10.

If those codes do not work, you can try using these ones: yavz5 or 2hjlk for up to $20 off of your first ride.

Is There Uber XL in Quito?

Uber XL is unavailable in Quito. Therefore, you would have to think of the alternatives to Uber XL if you and four of your friends would want to ride altogether.     

How Much Does Uber Cost in Quito?

Uber in Quito is very affordable and is cheaper than any type of taxi service in the city.So if you want to ride in style with new cars, you should probably choose Uber as taxis in Quito are way more expensive, and the cars are not nearly as new as what Uber has to offer.

Uber Minimum Fare in Quito?

Uber minimum fare for Uber X, Uber Planet, or Uber Flash is $1.35 and Uber Comfort will charge you a minimum fare of $1.60.  

How Much Does Uber Cost From Mariscal Sucre International Airport to Central Quito?

Uber X will charge you around $20.04 for a trip from Marcial Airport to the center of Quito, Uber Planet will be around 20.84 for the same route Uber Flash will charge you about $23.28 and Uber comfort will be around $27.00 for the same trip.  

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost in Quito?

A 30-minute ride with Uber X will cost you around $8.22 Uber Planet will charge you $8.67 Uber Flash will be around $9.00 and Uber Comfort will charge you around $11.24 for the same distance and travel time.

Keep in mind that these are the price estimates and that the prices may differ depending on the route you are going to take, the time of your travel, and traffic around the city.  

Can You Pay Cash in Uber Quito?

Yes, paying cash with Uber in Quito is available. You will need to put your card details or a photo of yourself to provide additional identification to the driver. This information is for building trust between riders and drivers if paying in cash.

This option will remain private, so you have nothing to worry about.

Remember to deselect your cash option if you want to pay for your next ride with a card, as the Cash option stays selected even if you go out of the app.

What’s Cheaper In Quito, Uber, Or Taxi?

Uber is by far cheaper than any Taxi service in Quito. So if you were in doubt of which one to choose, we assure you that the best and cheapest way of car transport service is Uber.

How Safe Is Uber in Quito?

Uber in Quito is really safe. The drivers are very polite and will assist if you need help. And as Uber make them go under a series of test before they start working for Uber, you can be assured that Uber is perfectly safe to use in Quito, Ecuador.  

Is Uber Safe At Night in Quito?

As with any other capital, Quito has some areas that you should be more careful when going into. But when going with Uber, you should feel safe. Uber has new cars and goes through exact routes as it is on the app.

But if you feel any kind of discomfort or you feel unsafe when riding with Uber, don’t hesitate to call customer service or local authorities, as they will help you solve your problem.

How Reliable Is Uber in Quito?

Uber in Quito is very reliable. We assure you that you will get the ride at the exact pick-up location you chose within minutes of requesting one.

Can You Pre Book Uber in Quito?

Yes, pre-booking an Uber in Quito is an available option. So if you want your day to be organized and you want your car to be waiting for you in the morning at your door, you just put the time you want your car to be there, and it will wait for you at the exact time at the location you chose.

Can Uber Operate Outside Quito?

Technically, Uber can operate outside Quito. Uber can basically take you anywhere you want, but we are unsure if you will be able to get back with Uber to Quito. If Uber is operating in the city that you are going to, you could probably get back to Quito with your favorite ride.

How Do I Contact Uber in Quito?

Within the app, Uber has a 24/7 helpline. Only open the Help section and click Call Support, and you’ll be instantly linked inside the app to the Uber support team, where you can get the answer to all of your questions.

And if you have lost an item, you can go to the Help section, select I lost an item, then click contact driver about a lost item, and you will get all the right information on how to get in touch with your driver and arrange a meeting for your lost item return.